Thursday, January 21, 2021

Great Ujima again


Great Ujma

It is Nation Time !!

Trying to get my mind right, so that I I

can focus on the work at hand. my mind

Continues to dritf to the issue that surround me. I close my eyes & take my breath, but each time I reopen my eyes

I'm surrounded with mess,

Peace Fam:

Just testing out a new toy to

see if it will boost my creativity, Right

now I am working on a "Rocket Book,

According to the description I can literally

use this notebook forever. I can just pen

my thoughts like in the old days & save

them in the cloud. Because I can

Save them as a Jpeg, I can use this

little book to post on all my platforms.

It is something satisfying about putting

pen to paper & writing, and this is

what the Rocket Book is supposed

Give back to me. From this page

I can just post up & share with the world. Those that want to know what I'm saying can struggle to read, those that don't cool! I plan to work with this for a few weeks & see if this can help me get back

the pages of my Blog

Great Ujima

Remember to get your

to get your account

on kwanzaaa365.Media

Wow a handwritten Blog -

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