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Unlocking the Power of Honor: A Guiding Light for Our Tribe's Future

  Unlocking the Power of Honor: A Guiding Light for Our Tribe's Future In a world where words often lose their meaning amidst the noise, "Honor" stands tall, embodying a profound truth that resonates deeply within the soul of our community. As we navigate the complexities of modern existence, it's essential to return to the roots that define us, leveraging the timeless principles of Honor, Loyalty, and Sacrifice to forge a path forward. This exploration isn't just about understanding a concept; it's about redefining our collective destiny through the lens of integrity and truth. As a community committed to empowerment and personal growth, we dive deep into the essence of Honor—dissecting its impact on our lives and our interactions with each other. This isn't just an article; it's a manifesto for those ready to embody the true meaning of Honor in their lives, propelling our tribe towards unprecedented heights of unity and strength. The Core of Honor: H

DiGyeTV is back!!!! on GNJ.Media

We have been held back for awhile, but now we are back streaming all of the oldies. I have been pulling old videos down that are in the public domain, and we are going to have a great time going through the videos. We got, popeye, felix the cat, superman, mighty mouse, dick tracy, dick van dyke, beverly hillbillies, ultraman, johnny soko & his flying robot, a bunch of old movies, and documentries. 

I know some you reading this will be like, why put on those old shows? Most of them are racist, and have absolutely no Black folks in them, and I will agree but we get to show how our enemy thinks, and promote some discussion using their own media to demonstrate our points. Plus alot of that shit is funny and corny. My goal is to entertain, n=and educate if that means that I have to show some 3 stooges to stop you so that I can slip in some of our material then so be it. 

Some of you have probably noticed that we have began exclusively streaming on GNJ.Media. It feels good to be able to say that. For years I have been trying to get a platform from which we could do our own thing, and now we got it.  It is very simple to use and you dont have to register just to watch. I wouild suggest that you sign up so that you can get the notifications when we go live. Just make sure you come on over and check us out. We will begin posting up content on the other platforms, but it will be older content. Still good but not the whole thang....


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