Myth About Emotions & It's Effects On Ujamaa (Sample)

 The subject of Emotions and the effect it has on our lives, is the most frequently discussed topic. This talk will focus on the "Myth" of emotions and how it is being used against us as a tool to control our actions. This talk will explore the basics of how emotions are used as a tool against us and why they are so important in your life and business.

Your life is ruled by two seemingly opposing forces? One is a force of forward (progress) moving energy and the other, a force of slowing us down, resisting change, making us carry unnecessary dead weight. They are in constant conflict, each trying to gain dominion over our lives but here's the problem... Both are trying to draft you. The question then becomes, Which will it be? If you think you can base your actions on wisdom and make progress while resisting your emotions... think again. Your emotions are not separate from you, how you feel has an enormous impact on what you do and how you live your life. Listen in and get on the GNJemail List to read the rest of this life changing article....... and other articles sent out daily. We are growing and getting better at bringing you value..

Listen to "Ujamaa Toast - Myth About Emotions & It's Effects On Ujamaa" on Spreaker.


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