Great Kuumba

Congratulations you have been born in a legendary time. I am serious, we are standing in the midst of a crisis point in history, and you have the opportunity to take action that will mark you down in the historical memory of your people. But before you go out and conquer the world please take some time to conquer yourself, or better yet align yourself with your Culture, and principles. The world is in the middle of changes that are happening so fast that people are lost. If you don't believe me just take some time and think about the changes you have experienced in your life. It used to be that the only way you could be heard was to be selected by a big corporation and pushed. We are now standing in a time where we can actually share our talents, and skills with the world (no middle man needed). When I was young I used to dream about being on TV. Now I get up every morning and do a show. I never thought that I would be able to do something like that, but that is the power and the opportunities of the times we are living in. You had a dream at one point and time. If you are living it then I am not talking to you, but if you are one of those who is living the life you've been given rather than the life that you want this article is for you! Strap in as we jump into looking at what your creative responsibilities are, and more importantly why you have to control them?

"You had a dream at one point and time"

You are a Creator, I said it!!! That's it... Do I need not say more? But of course you know I will because I anticipate some of yall arguing against your greatness. Let me assure you that there are no magic lessons, no mystic shortcuts, no water to walk across, or fire to go through! That will make this easy. It will take work on our part. You simply are a Creator! You might doubt it right now but, you are! You might not be happy with your creation, but you can change all that. Open yourself to your Kuumba, and take responsibility for your creation, and pledge to create better, moving forward. At this point you are probably wondering what it is that you have created, and if you are a creator why are you in the situation that you are in? Before I jump into answering your question let me share a folktale with you from this week, and use this time as a creative segway into advertising "Folktales For Grown Folks'' the folktale I am going to share is called "The Spendthrift & The Swallow": (told and rewritten by ha2tim)

"A young man who was ballin out of control on the money that was left to him by his fathers had finally hit bottom. He had spent up all of his inheritance, and only had one coat left. The coat was finely made and kept the young man warm through late fall and into winter. The young man got word of another party that he wanted to attend and he was sad because he did not have the money to go, but just then he noticed a swallow who usually was a sign of summer playing in a puddle of water. Interpreting this a sign of good things and better weather around the corner the young man rushed and sold his coat.

As the young man was leaving the party, that wasn't all that great, he noticed that the puddle was frozen and the swallow was dead. He thought to himself "Damn poor swallow and poor me, the swallow misinformed me and now he will be the death of both of us, by the time he finished the thought he felt the cold wind of winter hit him in his face!"

"Open your self to your Kuumba"

Now let me answer your question, you have created your life, and in some cases your creation is spilling out into the world causing confusion. I want to step back and look at this boy in the tale and break it down so that you can see yourself, and why you have to take responsibility for your creation, and why you have a responsibility to (consciously) create.

In the story we have three characters that I want to focus on in this post. We have the young man, the swallow and the (get ready for it, those who join us regularly for the Daily Toast already know where I am going) the young man's Ancestors. yes the Ancestors. First our Ancestors represent wisdom, and Kuumba. If you are wondering why, here you go, the young man is living his best life not from the work he did or the creativity he demonstrated, he is able to spend recklessly and live the high life because of the inheritance he was spending. his Ancestors through the knowledge of the world and their Kuumba were able to create wealth that this unfocused young man could waste. Like this young man's Ancestors your creativity is waiting to bless you with their bounty. Better yet they have blessed you, but because you don't recognize it you are squandering it.

"Your creation is spilling out into the world"

Now let's get to the young man, he represents the part of our nature that wants to run wild. He represents the part of ourselves that bucks control. He represents the 7 unbalanced passions that run through all of us at one time or another. He is out in the world, and he finally runs into the brick wall of reality. What does he do at the brick wall? He is looking for an excuse to continue on the path of destruction. His mind is looking for something to create an opportunity for fuckery, and this is exactly what the sparrow presents to him. The swallow is the scapegoat of the young man to continue on the path of creating confusion in his life, and the bird not only provides him with a reason but according to the young man is at fault for his fall.

"The young man represents the passion[s] inside of us that run wild"

Family, hopefully you can see where I am going with this. The young man like many of us has created a life of destruction and decay. This young man also created a reason to continue on his path. His Ancestors (Kuumba) simply opened the way for his destruction. Many of you reading this, and I must put myself in this group, are simply creating a road to confusion, sadness and loss. Our creativity just serves us and gives us what we desire regardless of whether it is good for us or not.

"Use this knowledge to create a life that matters and serves everyone"

One of the best ways to stop this cycle is to start taking responsibility for our creations. sadly for most this means we may need to look in the mirror to see the cause of all the madness in our lives. We need to look in the mirror to see who is holding us back, and creating the things we say out loud we don't want. I am writing to tell you that you can take control of your Kuumba, and start creating what you do want. This requires some simple changes in our lives.

"The only way to create change is when we take control of our own Kuumba"

Bringing this back to the collective, when you have a group of people that are creating madness in their own lives, can you Imagine what happens when you bring a group of people together like this? Fuckery fest, that is what happens. They begin to spill confusion on one another until the group is in shambles.There is no tribe building being down without us taking responsibility for what we are making. When we start taking responsibility we are able to create order rather than corruption.

"Take responsibility for our creations"

This post is here to help you get a better understanding of what is going on! My goal is to help you stop, and then help you start to build what it is that you want.

peace from brother hs2tim......


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