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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Baba - Chapter 8 part IV

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“Good question. Kwesi why don’t you answer that for him.”
Kwesi looked at me very seriously, turned his chin so that he was looking directly in my eyes.
“Young man a vision quest is a very serious thing. Do you remember in your initiation anything being mentioned about the Simba Nation?”
“Yes…..Ha2tim was inspired to form the club by Simba. It is a camp that meets once a year, and it puts young men through a Rites of Passage. Everyone in order to be raised in rank past royal must assist in some fashion.”
“Ha2tim received his first sweat lodge experience through Simba, and brought it back to us when we were financially and mentally able to handle it. We also found out about the vision quest through his research. The vision quest is a personal journey that is taken by someone to receive clarity in their life. It is in a sense a initiation by fire. We have five hundred acres here and for brothers in the Midwest this is where they come for their sweat lodge and for the few their vision quests. Simba has chosen you for both.”
I felt honored. I have been in this organization for such a short time, but they recognized something in me that made them want to invest all this time in my development. I am determined not to let them down.
After dinner Simba had someone show me where I would sleep for the night. He instructed me to get some sleep because I would need it for the ordeal ahead of me. When I got to my room, I was so excited I could not go to sleep, although I had no idea of what I was to face outside of what I was told. I could not relax. I decided to find something to read to help me sleep. There was no tv in the room, but there was a bookshelf with a wide variety of books. I chose to look at the “African Tree of Life” although I read it many times.  Hell, I felt I wrote the book. During initiation we had to scribe each proverb, write and prepare to discuss them, and write how these proverbs had been useful in our lives or how we suffered in our lives for not knowing it. At first I didn’t like the book, but after we started discussing it I could not believe the wealth of the knowledge it held. We had to carry it along with our initiate handbook everywhere we went. It was called our burden, but the book was more like a burden breaker if you took it to heart. I remembered that chapter 6 dealt with initiation, and according to what Kwesi told me the vision quest was an initiation. He didn’t come right out and say it, but I know that it is. The verse that I focused on is a proverb that states initiation is a lure to mastery. The question that lingers in my mind is what are they trying to lure into mastering.
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Baba - Chapter 8 part III

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“Jay, sit down.”
I sat down and Simba took his place and Kwesi came and took a seat as well.
“I’ve called some brothers here to help you through your ordeal. Kwesi is at the Master level and a few more brothers and sisters are on their way. I want you to eat and relax for a few hours while everything is in progress. “
“Yes, Sir…..”
“You have questions?”
“Well feel free to ask.”
“First of all, where are we?”
“We are in Southern Ohio at one of the families fish farms.”
“What is done here?”
“We grow fish, man.”
Simba and Kwesi broke out laughing.
“For what?”
“To sell of course. We have fisheries and farms all around the country, and they pull in a lot of money for the family. At this particular farm we have five well stocked ponds that produce hundreds of thousands of pounds of fish per year.”
“I have never heard of majestic fish farms?.”
“Have you heard of Papa Joes, the home of the Secret lover Fish Boat?”
“Hell yeah! When I was in my former life we used to hit that spot every weekend.”
“We own it , the franchise.”
Paja Joes was a franchise that was enormous. Every city I have been in has at least one Papa Joes.
“You think we put Gye Nyame or Nation Builder on everything we own? No…..that would chase everyone away. We have to give the people what they want as long as it is not against our principle. You must understand that the club is a business, how do you think we take care of our members?”
“How many businesses is the family involved in?”
“You name it and we probably do it. Remember as long as it does not violate Maat we can do it. We are involved in everything from corner stores to clothing. You really must study your initiate handbook young man. Your whole training we have stressed entrepreneurship. I swear that you thought we were just talking shit huh.”
“No, but I did not know how deep it went.”
“You still don’t know how deep it goes?”
“What is a vision quest?”

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Baba - chapter 8 part II

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Malik yelled and everyone stopped what they were doing and faced the stairs. I went along with everyone else. Simba was coming downstairs.
“At ease Brother and thank you for the respect.” Everyone in the immediate area greeted him.
“Jay come with me.”
I followed him out of the patio door and into the garden. He sat on the bench and I remained standing in angalia.
“Relax Jay, I brought you out here to talk with you. I want to explain what is about to happen.”
“Yes sir.” I sat down next to him.
“The family is at a crucial point in our development, and we need people around that really have the group’s best interest at heart.”
“I understand Sir.”
“The next step for you is to get clarity on why you were chosen, and for you to find your Nia.”
“I know my purpose, and that is to serve the club and to build this nation.”
“That is what you have been taught to say. Is that what’s really in your heart?”
I grew silent because in a way he was right. Ever since I entered the club they have been teaching me the importance of serving the nation. I memorized the whole book. I know all the information.  For over a year I have been living nation building and warriorship.
“Jay I am going to send you on a vision quest, and when you return everything will be clear to you, and you will know what your Nia is. The position I am giving you is very important, and it needs someone with the ability to focus on accomplishing the goals at all cost. Are you ready?”
“Yes sir.” He turned around and before he could speak a word Malik was at the door.
“Yes sir?”
“Get the car ready.”
“Which one Big Bra?”
“One with room because we have a long drive a head of us.”
“Will you need one with an auto pilot?”
“Yes….Also I need you to accomplish the goals we set before I return.”
“Of course Simba. We are already on it.”
Malik returned in the house giving orders.
“Jay return to your room and get your stuff. We will be traveling light. You don’t need any clothes but get all the things you will need for hygiene.”
I wanted to ask what the hell is going on but I knew that I had to trust. I went to my room unpacked my large things and returned back downstairs to the living room. When I got downstairs Jazz met me and led me to the car.
“Be strong Brother Jay.”
What the hell did he mean by that? When we got to the garage, we got into a SUV. We had a driver, and we were off. Simba sat in the back reading a book. We drove for about two hours out into the country. We pulled up a dirt road. Down the road I could see a sign that read Majestic Fishery  and Farm. We pulled up to a nice farm and some people came out to meet us. They immediately went to the back and started unloading things. Simba introduced me to Kwesi.
“Kwei, this is Jay.”
“It is a pleasure to meet you young man.”
By the way he shook my hand I knew he was a brother. I just could not tell what level he had reached in the organization. I could tell he was pretty close to Simba in age, but a lot of times that made no difference. He immediately started talking to Simba.
“Big Bra, we got everything ready as you requested.”
Simba just shook his head and went inside the house. I followed him and he headed straight for the dining room. The table was set and food already on the table. Greens, yams, fish, fresh bread, beans in red sauce and rice.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Baba - capter 8 part 1

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Chapter 8

When I made it to the Men’s House, it was time for workout. Every morning we are up for prayer, meditation, and workout. This morning Silace was leading workout. He had been in the Club four years and made it to the level of Royal. He was reaching for his promotion to Grand. He still lived in the Men’s house to save his money, for what I don’t know. He was upset with me for coming in late. We worked  out and ran 3 miles. After the workout everyone came in prepared for day and left. I waited for everyone to leave before I packed up my few belongings to keep questions down. At 7:55 Malik pulled up in a black Benz. I was waiting on the front porch. I was going to miss the house. I had spent the last six months communing with brothers from Gye-Nyame House. We did everything together, I finally found a home where I could call home and I was leaving it for what I had no idea. The best part of the Men’s House was the it was safe. I never had to worry about opposition in the house or outside because we took care of each other.
“Little Brother are you ready to go?”
Yes Big Bra.”
“Don’t worry. You are going to a place that will provide you with the same type of fellowship.”
He said this out the blue, like he was reading my mind. He must have notice the look on my face when he said this.
“We all go through the same thing when we have to leave the Men’s House. When I received my promotion an earned my own space, I felt the same way. Some brothers decide to stay in the Men’s House for years but you can’t because your new future requires you to be with Simba at all times.”
I put my things in the car, and we left. I took my last look at the house ready for what ever was to come.
“You know I was real proud of you the day you graduated. You took everything I threw at you like a true warrior. “
“I learned to never give up early in life.”
“Well that lesson served you well.”
“I’m in charge of training and security in Columbus. You can say that in this city I am Simba’s Flail.
“Flail, what’s that?”
“The Pharaoh of Ancient Kemet had two objects in his hand. A flail in the right and a crook in the left. These were shepherd tools which were used to herd the flock. The crook is shaped like a hook to bring in the wayward sheep gently. The flail is used to discipline the sheep and to beat the enemies of the flock. I discipline and protect our flock in this city.”
“Oh, that’s interesting.”
We drove about fifteen minutes and pulled up in a beautiful housing complex. All of the Houses were designed in a similar fashion.  Malik pulled up into a driveway and pulled into a 3 car garage and the door automatically closed behind us.
“This is where you will be staying.”
I was shocked, in the garage it was enough room to live but there was two other cars both 2029 with the works including auto pilot.
“Take your stuff in but don’t get unpacked because you will be leaving again very soon. Someone will show you your room.”
As I walked in the door the whole house was busy. About twenty people were working. Some cleaning others were studying, and a few looked like they were handling business. Malik called one of the brothers , gave then some instructions, and they looked at me and came over.
“Peace Brother Jay¸or do you prefer Kwabena?”
“Jay will be cool.”
“If you pick up your bags and follow me, I will show you to your room.”
I followed him out of the kitchen, and up the stairs. The house was beautiful, and huge. Black marble floors, and black leather furniture. White walls with Gye Nyame Symbols all over. The stairs moved up like a spiral and over looked the living room, and from the balcony you could see the backyard. It seemed like acres and acres of space. Right outside the patio door it was a beautiful garden that was being tended to. We walked down a long hall pass a series of doors and finally stopped.
“This is your room.”
He opened the door for me and I could not believe it. For the first time sense I have been in the organization, I had my own space.
“Brother Jay, Malik told me to tell you not to get too comfortable, but that door is your closet, and that is your half bathroom.”
“Thanks Bra….I didn’t catch your name.”
“It’s Jason, but I prefer to be called Jazz.”
After that he left. I knew Simba had it going on, but I never expected it to be like this. I thought he lived alone “brother”, but I guess I was mistaken. I wasn’t in my room 20 minutes before I received a call on the phone to come down stairs. Feeling confused and lost, I went. People were moving around me as if I didn’t exist. The whole house was like it was alive.

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