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The Baba - Chapter 8 part III

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“Jay, sit down.”
I sat down and Simba took his place and Kwesi came and took a seat as well.
“I’ve called some brothers here to help you through your ordeal. Kwesi is at the Master level and a few more brothers and sisters are on their way. I want you to eat and relax for a few hours while everything is in progress. “
“Yes, Sir…..”
“You have questions?”
“Well feel free to ask.”
“First of all, where are we?”
“We are in Southern Ohio at one of the families fish farms.”
“What is done here?”
“We grow fish, man.”
Simba and Kwesi broke out laughing.
“For what?”
“To sell of course. We have fisheries and farms all around the country, and they pull in a lot of money for the family. At this particular farm we have five well stocked ponds that produce hundreds of thousands of pounds of fish per year.”
“I have never heard of majestic fish farms?.”
“Have you heard of Papa Joes, the home of the Secret lover Fish Boat?”
“Hell yeah! When I was in my former life we used to hit that spot every weekend.”
“We own it , the franchise.”
Paja Joes was a franchise that was enormous. Every city I have been in has at least one Papa Joes.
“You think we put Gye Nyame or Nation Builder on everything we own? No…..that would chase everyone away. We have to give the people what they want as long as it is not against our principle. You must understand that the club is a business, how do you think we take care of our members?”
“How many businesses is the family involved in?”
“You name it and we probably do it. Remember as long as it does not violate Maat we can do it. We are involved in everything from corner stores to clothing. You really must study your initiate handbook young man. Your whole training we have stressed entrepreneurship. I swear that you thought we were just talking shit huh.”
“No, but I did not know how deep it went.”
“You still don’t know how deep it goes?”
“What is a vision quest?”

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