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Friday, July 21, 2017

Let's Visit A Farm- Gina Gee Project

We recently had a chance to take the girls to Slate Run Living Farms, a metro park near Columbus. The girls had a ball, and we decided to put this video together for you so that you could enjoy the trip with us. If you have young people in your life share the video, but more importantly take them to this farm so they can experience what it was like to live on a farm over 100 years ago.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Gina Gee Project - Making Cake In Cup

Peace FAM:
Gina, Shasha, and a special guest explore making cake in a cup. Thanks to their grandmother constantly thinking about what they can present on the show. So we have a few more shows coming bout the cake in the cup. The girls just invented a super sweet concoction that almost made me break my fast. I won't go into detail, but just be on the look out because it is on its way. So stay tuned, and remember to share this show with families with young children, help us grow the show, and help GeeGee get those 3000 views that she wants.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Gina Gee Project - Let's Goto The Candy Store

Gina and Shasha goto the candy store and picks some sweets to sample. They had a ball and I forgot to post so here you go. Remember share with families and the young people in your life.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Gina Gee Project- Let's Make Waffles

Peace FAM:
Gina Gee, and the Mosh are at it again. This time they explore with some assistance from dad (myself) how to make waffles. They mix it up, and put it on the iron and they come out pretty tasty. So tune in and watch my girls get busy. be sure to share with children around you as well with other families that may be looking for family friendly viewing.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Gina Gee Project- "Let's Make Popsicles" Part 2

Peace FAM:
Here is part 2 of the popsicle series. This time the Mosh attempts to take the show over again. The girls are having fun, and being creative. They made the popsicles, and I thought that a part two of them eating and commenting on their creation was a good idea. Excuse the fact that I make an apperance, but the popsicles were very hard to remove and I didn't want their whole show be two little girls wrestling with candy ice. take some time and check out my girls show, and throw them a thumbs up while you are at it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Gina Gee Project- "Let's Make Some Popsicles"

Peace FAM:
The young ladies are at it again this time trying to demonstrate how to create popsicles. They are still learning how to place the camera so that the audience can get a better view, but they are making progress. The most important thing for me is that they have fun, and continue to pull on their creativity. We had quite an experience with letting Gina, and Shasha pick out the juice for the shoot. After going through about 5 different choices we finally decided on the flavors that you see in the video. Shasha & Gina would like to thank their grandmother for coming up with the idea as well as providing the prop. Shots out to the adults that are supporting these young ladies dreams. I thank you a thousand times. Now the question that I am wrestling with is how to get the video in front of children eyes. if you have any ideas leave them in the comments.
The Gye-Nyame Journey channel will be focused on developing the family entertainment portion. From this channel we will be airing a few more children and young adult shows. I am wrapping my brain around this mission as we speak. Now it is just a matter of time before what I need to make this happen will pop up. Watch us build.....

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Gina Gee Project- Graduation & Tea Bags

Peace FAM:
Ms. Gina Gee is at it again. Today she is celebrating the fact that she got to walk across the stage. Last year she missed her graduation, and some of her supporters at the school made sure she got to walk with the graduating kindergarten class this year. One of the reasons I like her doing this project is that she is motivated to do better in every aspect of her life. She is sharing her self, and her personal growth with the world. I know many adults may not agree with this, but unfortunately Gina chose me as her father, and since I believe that it takes a village to not only raise a child, but to move a child to greatness, I will allow her to continue exposing herself to her village. Since we are in the digital age her village is also digital, so welcome.
Gina and Shasha also video taped themselves helping me make "That Ambroisa", by getting the tea bags ready, and you get to see Ms. Shasha in her fullness. So sit back watch, and share with other young people in your life. I am looking forward to her next project. Peace
Brother ha2tim
p.s. I am only writing for Gina Gee until she evolves to the point when she can write for herself. Education in motion.

The Gina Gee Project- Oatmeal

I am a little behind in keeping up with the creative project of Ms. Gina, but on this installment she takes my phone so that she can get a better quality picture for her fans. She is determined to be a YouTube star, and wants to bring better ideas to the digital realm. On this day she decided to teach the world how to make instant oatmeal. I love the fact that she comes up with this stuff on her own and I am in full support. She even motivated her mother to get in on the act, by having her do her hair before the broadcast. So tune in to my second youngest Gye-Nyame girl as she takes you into the dangerous world of instant oatmeal. Support her efforts by sharing with other young people. who knows what her next adventure will be.
As a father I am hyped about her passion and will do everything in my power to support it. At this moment I am looking into getting a camera so that we can dedicate it to getting quality material out for the world to see. My daughters are imitating what they see me do, so the better I get the better they will get. i just can't wait to see what this project will turn into. Who knows, I may have the next big director right under my roof. Where ever it leads I will let her grow and help guide her to her greatness.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Gina Gee Project "Cream Of Wheat"

The Gina Gee project is a show that my daughter created. She saw me making video, and been watching YouTube​ and decided to do her own thing. For the last year she and her sister Ms. Shasha have been recording video using up all of my storage space, and figured that it was time to support her.
Her first video is about making Cream of wheat. She in a dramatic fashion microwave her breakfast and teaches the viewer. I believe that when our children show interest and dedication to something we should support them. This might be a phase, but I am trying to use it as what our ancestors call a "lure to Mastery". I believe that our children need to be taught skills and in this video project she will learn, acting, interviewing, editing, and story structure and story telling. All these are transferable skills that can be used in pursuit of her life's purpose.
Of course she will get a write-up from me on our site,  at least until she ( hopefully) starts writing her own accompanying blog.
If you have children please share Ms. Gigi's show with them. Who knows maybe she will be able to translate her show, her little girl passion into a lucrative venture. So when you see one of her shows please like, share, and if you have time leave comment that will help her grow in her craft.
I wish you Peace, Power, Joy & 1hunidyears
Brother ha2tim (soon to be known as Gina Gee's Father)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Children imitate

No Ha2ku today/
just walkin with my youngest/
thinking about life/

Ok i lied, I seem to always come up with a Ha2ku. It is just a part of me now. I have to have something to keep me from jumping off this journey and just running to the rat race. I'm sitting up late planning a community program that i will be sharing with you soon. I am planning some amazing things, and I am using the "Player's Pyramid" as my guide to get it done. More on that later.
the idea that sparked me to write this late was my youngest son. I often forget that he watches everything that I do good, and bad.
In June he found out how to use the on demand channels provided by the cable provider, and he is practicing his reading as well. On a Saturday morning he was watching TV while i was getting his little sister ready to leave. i went upstairs to give my youngest daughter a bath. when I popped down to check on Cleve he had pulled up a free channel. To my surprise he was not watching a violent or nasty movie. He was not watching one of the many cartoons that he usually views. He was laying on the floor with his eyes closed in the corpse pose. I was was shocked then i looked at what he was watching he selected a kids yoga channel and was going through the work out. Now I'm not up on my yoga like I should be, but I'm on it enough to for my son to imitate what I do or would do. So I'm sending shots out to my son Cleve for teaching me a lesson. Be careful what you do because you never know who is watching.