Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Children imitate

No Ha2ku today/
just walkin with my youngest/
thinking about life/

Ok i lied, I seem to always come up with a Ha2ku. It is just a part of me now. I have to have something to keep me from jumping off this journey and just running to the rat race. I'm sitting up late planning a community program that i will be sharing with you soon. I am planning some amazing things, and I am using the "Player's Pyramid" as my guide to get it done. More on that later.
the idea that sparked me to write this late was my youngest son. I often forget that he watches everything that I do good, and bad.
In June he found out how to use the on demand channels provided by the cable provider, and he is practicing his reading as well. On a Saturday morning he was watching TV while i was getting his little sister ready to leave. i went upstairs to give my youngest daughter a bath. when I popped down to check on Cleve he had pulled up a free channel. To my surprise he was not watching a violent or nasty movie. He was not watching one of the many cartoons that he usually views. He was laying on the floor with his eyes closed in the corpse pose. I was was shocked then i looked at what he was watching he selected a kids yoga channel and was going through the work out. Now I'm not up on my yoga like I should be, but I'm on it enough to for my son to imitate what I do or would do. So I'm sending shots out to my son Cleve for teaching me a lesson. Be careful what you do because you never know who is watching.

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