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Friday, June 3, 2011

Gye-Nyame training session I


For those coming to class and for those who are unsure, you can keep up with what will be happening by tuning in to the Journey blog. before each session I will lay down what we will attempt to cover. The class will follow the axe' or vibe of the class so that i can make sure that everyone gets what it is they need. The rule of the training is that you will get as much as you invest in the class. the requirement for the class is the books if you buy them from me at the class i will let them go for $30 for all three. You can also order them off the internet. just look on the rightside of the blog click on book and purchase. This Sunday we will cover:

Gye-Nyame meditation basics
we will explore the Self and discuss the difference between the self and the Self.
we will discuss mastery and what we need to work to mastering in our live
introduction to books, and read and discuss intro in all 3 books
questions and answers

homework for this week:
read first two chapters of Player's Pyramid
read first story in Lost art of story tellin
be prepared to discuss all
and start process in Gye-Nyame workbook
meditate at least once a day for the first week

hope to see you there, and remember "Stay woke"
peace & 1hunidyears

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
check me out @
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Baba- chapter 6 part 1

A teacup on a saucer.Image via Wikipedia

Chapter 6
I have completed basic training and was assigned to work in Brother’s where I first met Simba. I also have been assigned to the male house where my training continued, but seems less intense. Every now and then I see Simba, but he has been traveling a lot lately. I work all day in the kitchen with four other brothers and two beautiful sisters. All are nation builders. Two belong to Gye Nyame House, and the other 4 belong to the House of MChugangi.
“Peace my name is Jay Kwabena.” Since I was the new face, I thought it would be proper for me to break the ice.
“Peace god”, one of the brothers said with a smile. “ I am Kofi, also known as David. What house do you belong to?”
“Im Gye-Nyame.”
“Um, I am MChugangi, and that is Leroy he also Kwabena. He’s MChugangi. The two sisters are Jasmine, and Zendria. They also are MChugangi as well.”
“How about the other two brothers?”

“That is Siles and Wise of Gye-Nyame.”
“Cool….nice meeting of you.”
I began to prepare an order of Ginko and peppermint tea when Jasmine came up to me standing there with a beautiful smile.
“ Is it true what they say about Gye-Nyame men?”
Trying to look as cool as possible because this woman was gorgeous, I could not help but to get lost in her smile.
“They say that Gye-Nyame men rule the nation.”
“Oh yeah….”
I started to smile at the thought of the flirting, but I should have known it was a trick?.
She continued, “but Gye-Nyame men are run by MChugangi women.” She started laughing and walked away. Needless to say everyone else was laughing at me as well.
“Bra don’t take it personal. She did the same thing to me and Silas. That is a ongoing joke, let’s say it is your initiation to the kitchen”, Wise said to me in a low voice.
“Why is it so many people from MChugangi are working in the restaurant, I thought they controlled the community activities, drug treatment, and non profits of the organization.”
“They do but all the businesses requires that they be licensed or have degrees. They all are working their way through school.”
“Um, I’m not surprised.”
We both started laughing. My job was pretty easy. I had to make tea, wash dishes, and when it was busy help wait the tables. I found out that everyone working in Brother’s had been in the organization less than three years, and had plans to move up in the family. Wise ran the restaurant, and was damn good. His goal was to move down south and run a chain Of tea houses for the family. Silas was satisfied and just wanted to move up in rank in the Gye-Nyame.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Elder seeking answers- Part II

Fallen angels in HellImage via Wikipedia
Recieving visions/
from dedicated mission/
teaching by doing/

After years of dedication to her tasked. the Elder received a visit from the Spirit realm. her Ancestors through the power of the Creator came to her while asleep. Her deceased grandmother took the lead role because she would recognize her. Our Elder was amazed at the Axe' of this being it flowed around her and through her grandmother. It Shined so bright that the Elder had to cover her eyes. The ancestor then announced to the Elder that she was there to answer her question and show her the key to righting things in the world again. the Ancestor embraced the elder and took her first to see what the ancestor called a community in hell. 
When they arrived the place was in total disaray. trash littered the area, nothing appeared to be taking care of. The community of adults and children sat at a gigantic round table and you could hear the arguing, and disrespect taking place. Youth did not respect the elders and elders had no love for the youth. Each person sitting at the table either was banging there heads on the table or shouting at the people on either side of them. The delema was that everybody at the table was hungry. You could here the belly growling from a distance. The strange thing that was that the table was full of food. all types of dishes had been prepared but everyone was arguing about how hungry they were. The Elder could not understand, and turned to her grandmother ancestor to ask, but before she could say a word she pointed at the table again instructing the Elder without a word to look more closely. The elder paid closer attention this time and noticed that those that were trying to eat, could not put the food in their mouths and satisfy their hunger because they hd no elbows. so everythime they tried to put their food in their mouths it would fall off their spoons back onto the table. Of course this caused frustration and in turn they would bang their heads on the table or verbally attack the person next to them and this went on for hours. The Ancestor turned to the elder and says "this has been going on at this table for thousand of years." The elder listened respectfully but she did not want to see a hellish community she experienced the same hunger that the people at the table experienced everyday herself. She wanted to see a working healthy community. she wanted to see a heavenly community that had it together. As if the ancestor was reading her mind. She hosted the Elder up and before the Elder knew what happened they had flew what seemed like thousands of miles maybe hundreds of thousands of miles. they moved so fast everything was a blur. When the landed the Ancestor put our Elder down in what seemed like the same place. this place looked exactly like the last place they where in except this place was takin care of. No litter things were in plac and appeared taking care of, and in the center just like in the Hellish community there was a giant round table. instead of hearing arguing,   hungry bellies, and seeing fights breakout. we here joyful sounds, and laughter. This community or as the ancestor called it the Beloved community, They were in the same situation as the hellish community. They had no elbows, but instead of trying to fead themselves they fed each other.
The ancestor looked at her grand daughter (our Elder) and said "do you have your answer?", and the Elder said yes, and woke up and got to work.
Our Elder dedicated her time to servicing and building the community by living the example she had seen. She told the story to everyone that listened. at first people wrote her off as crazy, because she continuously gave of her time and resources. Rather than just feeding herself she fed others, she clothe others with close that she took the time to make. She showered her community with Love expecting nothing in return. As she continued she began to see the returns. First when she hit hard times someone would always pop up to help her. Then she noticed other people helping others with words like, good day, and have a good morning. then she began to notice random acts of kindness in her community. eventually s she stayed true to the vision that was given to her it become reality first on her block then in her neighborhood, and just kept expanding from their. 
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dream house

Dream-HouseImage via Wikipedia
Have you ever dreamed/
About something so long that/
You thought it was real/

I just woke up from a dream that my mom bought my dream house. Actually this was about the third time I had this dream. She walked me through showing me all the work that needed to be done. I followed quietly, but as she was showing me the rooms that still needed work I shared with her the fact it was a house that I had my eye on for awhile. I described to her what I what I had planned to do with the gigantic old mansion. She listened and told me to come back tomorrow so that we could talk about the possibilities.
I woke up from the dream and tried to remember where this house was in reality, and realized that I dreamed the house up. Which means that this old mansion that I had been pineing for over the last 15 years is not in the world it is in me. I was shocked because i have been dreaming and praying that this house would not be sold. I have run through the house toured the house and even squated in the house. Now I finely realized that this beautiful place that I wanted to raise my children in, build my tribe in, and have functions in was all in me. Better yet it was me. The work on the roof, the clearing out of old rooms, the painting, and advancements such as solar panels, geothermal heat and etc.. has turned out to be work that I need to do on me. I have been waiting all these years to buy, fix up, and move in a house that was already mine. Even deeper on the personal tip it was really me. Today my dream house turned into a break through, so yall have to excuse me as I go into me dream house and get to work.
Nuff said see you Monday
Peace and 1hunidyears

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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