Gye-Nyame training session I


For those coming to class and for those who are unsure, you can keep up with what will be happening by tuning in to the Journey blog. before each session I will lay down what we will attempt to cover. The class will follow the axe' or vibe of the class so that i can make sure that everyone gets what it is they need. The rule of the training is that you will get as much as you invest in the class. the requirement for the class is the books if you buy them from me at the class i will let them go for $30 for all three. You can also order them off the internet. just look on the rightside of the blog click on book and purchase. This Sunday we will cover:

Gye-Nyame meditation basics
we will explore the Self and discuss the difference between the self and the Self.
we will discuss mastery and what we need to work to mastering in our live
introduction to books, and read and discuss intro in all 3 books
questions and answers

homework for this week:
read first two chapters of Player's Pyramid
read first story in Lost art of story tellin
be prepared to discuss all
and start process in Gye-Nyame workbook
meditate at least once a day for the first week

hope to see you there, and remember "Stay woke"
peace & 1hunidyears

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
check me out @
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