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Friday, January 23, 2015

Not Versus but And

One day I went to learn from one of my elders. This was over 20 years ago, but I still hold onto this memory, this was a critical shift in my life. This elder was very wise, and he proved it by his work in the community. Let's just say he was an alchemist. Long before people were talking about juice diets he had developed a line of juice and smoothies that could improve your health. I was blessed to receive an invitation from him to sit and conversate with him often.
The idea that I wanted to share was brought to mind during a meeting that I was involved in.  I threw out a symbolic idea, that could not be grasped. Not that it did not make sense, but because the images I used were offensive and scary to some.  I dared to discuss a myth that I learned about Satan. I simply stated that in some cultures "Satan is known as the whisperer, and he or it had no power other than being able to present ideas (whisper) to the listener." Now to many of you out there that might throw you off as well. Especially if you are doing the whispering (hahahahaaa).
My elder was asked the question about the nature of God and the Devil in our discussion. He explained it in a simple way. First he took us out of the mind state of God, and devil. He instead walked us through exploring the nature of good and evil. He stated that there was a simple way that we could tell the one from the other. He loved math and he used mathematics to break down the concept. He stated that the nature of good could be identified because it added and multiplied life. He then shared that evil could be identified by it's nature of subtracting from and dividing life. He explained that both were necessary functions in the universe.
Years later I still remember this simple truth and loving metaphors like this I will add this statement:
"Life is an mathematical problem requiring us to be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in order to live the best life." So it is not an issue of "this" or "that" or even "this" vs. "that", wisdom dictates that we learn to see "this" and "that".
We have been programmed through the interpretation of our myths and stories to see the conflict of all  things rather than seeing a unified whole, and in this we rob ourselves of what could be. Study your math and see how limited your problem solving skills would be if you removed any of the mathematical functions. I think life is the same. Our lives are equations and because we limit what we can use because of our fear, we can never solve the problem. So if I use a myth or story with Elegba, satan, the devil, or any other trickster the information I am trying to share can not be received. Individuals fears of the unkown will limit what they can hear. I know that i can change the characters of most stories, but "Hell" I like shaking people up.

Peace & 1hunidyears

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Great Days

Great days don't just come to us we have to get up and make them. Greatness comes to those that seek it.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Your Time Is Now

I just got word that my site was accepted as an Affiliate with Eric Thomas & Associates. I am glad to be able to offer those that come to my site some other powerful words, and merchandise. If you have never heard of Eric Thomas aka E.T. he is an inspiring brother from Detroit. I figured since I was having ads on my site that I should play a bigger role on deciding  what pops up for my listeners and and readers. Be sure to checkout E.T. and his message, I guarantee it will help you make the changes in your life that you want. If you need a sample look him up on YouTube, and make sure you checkout his series called T.G.I.M (Thank God It's Monday), I tune in on a regular basis and also have his app on my phone.
I also had an opportunity to checkout his 1st book, and I must say that I am impressed. I am waiting for his second book to hit audible so that I can listen while I run and ride in the car.  So take some time and check ET, his gear, and his books just click the pic, and it will take you to the site.

Nuff Said
Peace & 1hunid years

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Stop Beggin

Stop begging to be relevant and make yourself relevant. Give yourself permission to be what it is you want to be.
The fact is that we are all on a piece of dust (earth) whirling around a small flame (the sun) through an Immense void. One wayward cosmic wind and we will be blown out into the Infinite cold of empty space. We all are given time to live, but some of us chose to waist it, while some of us decide to build with it. The question is what are you doing with your time? Are you beggin others to recognize you and your gifts, or are you out doing things worthy to be noticed. The world is so monochromatic, that all you have to do is shine and be you and those that are tired of the "same old, same old" will find you.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

On Purpose

Stop surviving and start living. falling from one event to the other. Allowing outsiders to determine where you go, and what you become. Find your purpose and be on it.

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Journey Continues

A hard truth for some, but a very present and sad reality for others. Here at the Journey we strive to bring the truth, as uncomfortable as it can be. The fact is that we are in an economy that feeds off of our labor but refuses to pay fair wages. Every company is in a race for the bottom, and the measuring tool that is used is the reduction in the pay and care for employees, or should I say slaves. Many of you may feel that this does not apply to you because you are not black, but the modern day slave machine does not care about your color. So continue to stay on your treadmill or get to running for freedom. Hopefully I will see you on the Journey, and we can sit and rest and encourage each other, but I can no longer afford to wait for yall I'm gone.
Nuff Said
Peace and 1hunid years

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Your Hustle

No matter what your hustle is the more you practice, the stronger you get at it. So build those IMESP muscle as you live life. Welcome to the Journey.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Downside Of Hope

Be careful of hope peddlers that will sell you on the power of hope alone. Hope to become active needs the power of our courage to bring it to life, or it will become poisonous and destroy us. So in all your wishing, praying, meditating, and hoping make sure that you include a dash of courage to move you to action.
Nuff said
Peace and 1hunid years

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Setting Fire

This one was inspired by a Nordic Myth. I was recently listening to some book by an author by the name of Neil Gaiman. The titles in the order of my reading were Anasi Boys, which was so good that I decided to purchase American Gods. This was an excellent listen. Now to the picture, in American Gods, one of the lead characters was name Wednesday, and as you read you found out that he was Odin. In the story Odin was described as a god that "Sacrificed himself, to Himself", and I like that Idea and it sparked this thought that hit me at 2:49 am 10-27-14... Here you go: