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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Moving Meditation- song from SIMBA

In this show I share a moving meditation that I developed to help with workouts. I find away to connect this with my Simba experience for those who want more information about Simba please click the link. {*It is Simba time so please go to our Crowdrise Campaign site and donate to Simba the goal for our chapter this year is to send 25 boys, that's $ 11,250 for a camp goal and we still have our long range goal of $100,000 from Gye-Nyame Chapter to help purchase a camp ground for the Nation.}
I know that most of our time is being ate up by the system so I am trying to motivate people to explore different types of meditations that can be done while in motion or under different circumstances. Of course this one will also be available on Gumroad, but until then  you can hit up the Tip Jar.
There has been many medical studies about the benefits of meditation, but I wonder what meditation combined with exercise will do. Hopefully turn you into a super hero...hahahaaa enjoy

Moving Meditation

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Number 7

Calendar Number 7Image by Leo Reynolds via Flickr
Seven looks backward/
Study, rest, and perfection/
It's view of the world/

Discovered that I had not completed the number system so here you go and we complete the reat of the numbers before the end of the year. After this one we only have 2 more to go, and then maybe in 2012 I will try to wrestle with the zero...

Seven is the masculine number that represents study rest and perfection. This is a crucial number in the process of development. Because in order to move forward it mus look to the past. This number is very similar to the indinkra symbol Sankofa. To look back the number 7 must stop, and rest and in its resting it builds power to move to the next level. 
Perfection is a process that requires proper rest and study. When we study we sit still and focus our mind, and that is important when we are dealing with this number. It is said that if we do not obey the mandate of 7 and continue to try to move forward. The universe will find away to sit us down. Maybe by unemployment, sickness, or in my case a bullet. The process of growth has 9 levels and each step needs to be worked or we will miss out on the gifts on each level. During our time dealing with the 7 we get many false opportunities that try to full you into thinking that you have continue pushing. Don't fall for it step back and reflect over what you have been through. Write and read as your spiritual power is built for the next level of gifts to come to you. So pay attention as you move through this part of your life. Study, rest, and embrace your path toward perfection.
Nuff said
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