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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The revolution has begun!!! Thanks Gumroad for giving me Ammo

After looking at what could be done with Gumroad I decided to fire my first shot and release one of my MP3's through them. I also started spreading the word to some my artist friends about  this idea, and encouraging them to use it, before it gets shut down. I don't believe that people truly understand the implications of being able to sale their products at a fair price. Listen the price of production on my end is so low that I can offer my listeners or readers my product at the price they feel they want to pay. I get get my info out as fast as I want. I can write or record a continuous saga and put it up as the audience demands. This is liberation and I am going to make sure that everyone in my circle use it to its fullest.
All of my products will be available for free, and will remain so now because of Gumroad. I will offer the same products for sale so that those that want to support the Journey can do so. It's  a hot concept, now I have a real way of measuring who supports what I do and who is just talking. So come along and enjoy the Journey, and if I help to add value to your life remember support the Journey.

Why SelfMastery?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Set yourself on fire

Sparks of fireImage via Wikipedia
Set self on fire/
and crowd will gather,spark jumps/
now others aflame?

when we jump into what we are doing totally with out holding back we literally set ourselves on fire. fire has always attracted others. People will gather around to watch you burn, and in watching you the flame that is what you do will inspire others to also to follow their passion there by setting themselves a flame.
When people watch others burning with passion the sparks from that one spreads to those who are ready to burn themselves. this is how revolution or change is sparked. A actual example of this just happened in 2011 when an individual that was so tired of this life and the injustice of the society that he lived in got tired and literally set himself a blaze. The sparks of what he did and the reason why he did it jumped through the people who seen it and those who heard about it. His solitary act caused sparks to fly, and hit the dry wood of the souls in the middle east, and now we are experiencing something called the Arab spring. This one man's act caused a chain reactions that may change the face of the world.
now I am not saying literally set your self on fire, but in a metaphoric sense you have to set yourself a blaze. Find your passion and be willing to light your fire to move toward making it a reality for yourself. You never know what effect it will have in your community, and even the world. You may be the dry piece of wood who soul sparks will fly through the air setting others on fire.
On this Journey we have to be willing to set ourselves on fire to get things moving. We have to be willing to tread where everyone else fears. If not then we are just sheep being led to the slaughter. I believe that those of you are not sheep. I believe that you are the one the world has been waiting for, and it will be through you putting out that book, or writing that blog, or singing that song, or dancing that dance, or inventing that gadget, or supporting that person you believe. When we begin to light up we provide a light for the world to see and they can begin there journey, and when they light their soul up the glow from you and them will provide light so that people can really see the world that they exist in and begin to ask question, and from those questions others will begin to light themselves a blaze, and we will begin a fire that will purify and change the world.
nuff said
Stay woke
Peace & 1hunidyears
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