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Monday, May 22, 2017

Daily Toast- Imani 521171

Peace Fam:
Today me and the girls just had fun, but we were able to discuss the concept of faith in the process that you are practicing. Faith, and trust are important in the process of Selfmastery. Two of the Ten virtues of Maat stress these concepts:
"Having faith in our masters ability to teach us (or reveal) the truth."
"Having faith in our ability to assimilate the truth"
Being able to invest our trust in the process that we are following is paramount, and we have to begin to practice this principle, so that we can move to the next level of our development. Take some time and evaluate some of the processes that you working in your life, and the ones that are worthy to continue, because you have seen the fruit in your life, as well as in other live's, and begin to invest trust in them. View video and feel free to leave comments. me and my daughters wish you Peace, Power, Joy, and 1hunidyears.
Brother ha2tim

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Legend of the Leaf

 This is for those that are looking for a challenge. This legend was created during the UGRR days and has persisted throughout all of the incarnations of the family. It was designed to help the members stay in shape, and also develop their focus.
In the early days the family would go to the woods at least 4 times a year and walk through them. We would admire the changing quality of nature. The four times would be during the beginning of each season. We would walk until we hit our tribal center at the banks of Nile (OlentanGYE river). On the way back this exercise was developed.
This particular exercise was done best in fall. During this seasons leaves fall at random and if you paid attention you would be able to catch one. In this simple exercise you would have to be open and aware of your environment. As a leaf started falling toward the earth you would to have to focus on the one you were going to catch and pursue it. Don't be fooled catching a falling leaf is not as easy as it sounds. Also you could not make it fall you had to wait for it to natural come across your path. When you notice it falling you must pursue and if your skill is up to par the leaf will drift into your hand. If not you would leave the woods empty handed.
The legend of this exercise is that the one who caught a leaf would be pursued by fortune. Now the reason that I am writing this blog about it is because I was thinking about the two brothers a have witnessed catching a leaf. That is right I said 2 out of all the people I have worked with. Both of these individuals have lived a life of fortune. One of these individuals can fall into a sewer and come back up with 2 solid gold watches, and the other one can get robbed and end up receiving $50,000 in cash. I can not connect this two unnamed individuals fortune with a falling leaf, but I guess if I could it would not be a legend, it would be a fact. So those of you on the Journey get out and catch your leaf.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Building the lodge

Building a sweat lodge/
is what this life is about/
we do this daily../

I have succesfully completed another Simba Camp and I am back still recoverying, physically and emotinally (so give me time to get back on schedule). Now my real walk and work begins. I must build the sweat lodge of my life so that I can proudly again sit with the creator, my ancestors, and the spirits of the universe. When we focus on this Journey we find that many of the rituals that we practice, are just that practice for living. In helping build the Sweat lodge I was able to reflect on the work that I put in this world, and this time I found myself worthy to sit amongst my brothers and elders to pray and sing. Hopefully you take time in your life for ritual and realize that the ritual is preparing us for the world. The real sweat comes from the work that we do in the world not from the trials of the ritual. So next time you are involved in one of your sacred rituals (which you should have if you are on the Journey, check the Player's Pyramid book if you don't understand) you will be able to reflect positively on the work you have done away from the ritual. So build your lodge little by little as you live life, and not just in the rituals that you do.
Nuff said
Peace and 1hunid years
stay woke
Brother ha2tim
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