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Aligning Yourself With The Cycles Of Nature

Peace FAM: Today or should I say yesterday because my post on our site is always one day behind. I started a fast in an attempt to align myself with a cycle that has been adhered to by many, if not all ancient people. For those that do not know I am talking about the solstices and the equinoxes. In particular I am talking about the summer solstice that will taking place on June 20, 2017, which is known as the longest day of the year. I want to discuss with you these "power days", that I believe  can be used to help us update our bodies and help adjust our personal software to get us back in tune with the Universe. I don't want to go to deep on this subject but I want you to know that by learning about some of the larger cycles that we have been made ignorant of, can help us get in tune with our true selves. On the solar calendar the cycle of the sun can be broken down into four parts, and if you want to go deeper we can actually break it down more, but for our purpose

"It Is Time For You To Leave"

Before you read please check out the video so that you will not get lost, some of my readers are to young to remember the show Kung Fu, and will not understand my references.  What I loved about Kung fu was that it introduced me to different way of thinking. The scene that I am discussing today is the test that was set up in this fictional shaolin temple that determined when it was time for a student to leave. The test was basically the head monk (Master Khan) standing before the student every so often, and challenging the student to snatch the pebble from his hand. When the student missed he went back to his daily practice in the temple as a student. When he was finally able to snatch the pebble he and the master knew that it was time for him to leave. In other words it was made clear to the student and the teacher that student had no more to learn in the temple and it was time for him to continue his studies in the world. If only real life was this simple, and clear cut. Toda

I am a Hip-Hop Philospha

I am  a Hip-Hop Philosopha and Spiritualist this means that I have a unique way of seeing the world, and the way it runs. I have the pleasure of being part of a culture that does not mind borrowing. In Hip-Hop we have always borrowed the best and created something greater. You can see it in the fashion world, in art, dance, and music just to name a few areas of life where this culture as been a big influence. Growing up in this culture and developing the mindstate that goes with it, has opened many doors for me, and has created what you are reading today. In philosophy, and spirituality I have only done what my culture has guided me to do. Just like the DJ who would mix the old with the older and create something new, I did the same. When I developed Gye-Nyame and all of the other organizations before that I was motivated and inspired by the vibe of creating something useful from old ignored elements, and changing the world. Like that DJ I was able to look at the gospel differently

Positive Thinking Is Not the SECRET

Positive thinking/ Is only a small part in/ Building a great life/ Talk Nerdy To Me by Cara Santa Maria Click the link above to check out video that inspired this blog: There was a recent study that shows that positive thinking can actually be harmful to people using it. This video focused on the movie "The Secret" as well as self help gurus like Tony Robbins, and Eckart Tolle. The study states that positive thinking basically does not work, and is a form of avoiding the truth. This can be very harmful according to the study especially to people with terminal illnesses. Now I am a big supporter of science, but I will share my concerns. The issue is not that positive thinking does not work. The problem is that the scientist only studied positive thinking which is only a part of the process. Although the Secret movie stressed positive thinking, they also spoke about other steps necessary to make the process work. Now I will admit that the Secret movie als