Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Positive Thinking Is Not the SECRET

Positive thinking/
Is only a small part in/
Building a great life/

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There was a recent study that shows that positive thinking can actually be harmful to people using it. This video focused on the movie "The Secret" as well as self help gurus like Tony Robbins, and Eckart Tolle. The study states that positive thinking basically does not work, and is a form of avoiding the truth. This can be very harmful according to the study especially to people with terminal illnesses.
Now I am a big supporter of science, but I will share my concerns. The issue is not that positive thinking does not work. The problem is that the scientist only studied positive thinking which is only a part of the process. Although the Secret movie stressed positive thinking, they also spoke about other steps necessary to make the process work. Now I will admit that the Secret movie also left a major part of the process, and that may have gave the wrong message to some of the viewers.
Those of us involved in any kind of coaching know that just thinking about something is not enough to cause it to happen. If the process is not followed then success will not be gained. Let's look at the whole process as we use it in Gye-Nyame:
Gye-Nyame SelfMastery Equation
(Thought x Emotional Content) + Action = Creation
The study leaves out the other steps which are just as important if not more important. Studying positive thinking without looking at the other 2 components is like trying to ride a bike without the chain and handle bars.
In my book the "Player's Pyramid" I discuss the process more in-depth pointing out the 7 tools and 7 steps to creating a better life, and/or accomplishing a goal. Positive thinking or what we call Thought is only empowered when we apply our Emotions. This of course was covered in the Secret movie as well as covered in Tony Robbins program. I think the misunderstanding in the media as well as the public because people may have made it to the end. Many people are just looking for the bullet points rather than really listening to the lecture or reading the books. Most system I have studied stress the importance of applying emotions to the thought process. Emotions energize thoughts and brings feelings needed to move to the next step of the process. Taking Action to bring your creation to life. Positive thinking, good feelings (emotional content) are all empty without Action. So if you decide to watch the Secret watch it all the way through, and if you plan to use it get the whole process and work it through.

*if you prefer to use the "Player's Pyramid" feel free to check out my book. Check out the first chapter for free on my blog.

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