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Harmony in Self: The Liberating Power of Catharsis

Harmony in Self: The Liberating Power of Catharsis In the grand orchestra of life, each individual carries a distinct melody that shapes our journey. However, societal norms often mute these notes, leaving a symphony unfinished. This blog post invites you to explore the power of catharsis – a concept deeply rooted in the liberation of the soul and the embrace of raw, genuine emotions. It's not just about letting go; it's about tuning into the rhythm of your inner world and allowing it to resonate freely. Through poignant narratives and thoughtful reflections, we'll journey into the heart of catharsis. We'll discover how the intentional release of emotions can be a conduit to profound personal growth and a deeper understanding of our authentic selves. From the disciplined silence of a military chant to the liberating shouts of Simba sessions, we recognize the transformative potential of giving voice to our innermost feelings. Yet, this is only the beginning. For those wh

Always Opportunities for Teaching and Learning (sample)

Sharing knowledge is not about the quantity of information given, but how that information is received and used. We should always strive to learn something new or different when we can. It is a great disservice to yourself to assume that you know everything there is to know, and this can be seen in your attitudes towards those who may seem different from you. If you refuse to learn from the fool what not to do, or from the wise man how something is supposed to be done, then you are without a doubt a fool yourself. If you assume that there is nothing you can learn from someone or some situation, then you will only hinder your own growth. You will be ignorant of what has been shared with you, and also shut yourself off from learning anything new about yourself or about your community as a whole. When you go into any exchange with an open mind and heart, ready to listen and ask questions in order to challenge ourself, then everyone benefits. We should encourage questions and a sense of re

My Reflection

After reading this blog by  +Seth Godin   I had to reflect on what Respect truly means. I love to look into words and get back to their roots. As  a matter of fact, I make it a habit. I believe that you can only grasp the true meaning of a word when you go back to where it comes from. i guess this is a lesson that I learned from the Book called  "Openings To The African Tree of Life by Erskine Peters" in it their is a proverb that states "in the original name is the essence". For me this has become a mantra that a say and put into action. By practicing the wisdom that lies in that proverb it has helped me make sense of words that I and others around me would just throw around. I began to realize that I was using words simply on feeling and not really understanding the true meaning. That brings me back to the word Respect, which the blog (at least to me ) is talking about. The word Respect is composed of to smaller words:  Re- which means again Spect- which means

Golden MC- Hip-Hop fable

Any similarities to any real life situations is purely a coincidence. This tale is simply an adaption of "the goose who laid the golden eggs." Once upon a time when the Game was pure and the Love for the art and culture was still alive, there was an rapper who was called the "Golden MC", because all his ryhmes seemed to turn to gold. His fans flocked to stores to buy everything he put out, and his shows would always sell out. When he wrote a song it seemed to touch his listeners hearts, sparked their imaginations and excited thier passions. When he put out an album it seemed that he shaped reality. He developed a cult like following to the point that everything he touched and wore people seemed to flock to copy which meant that he not only sold records, but he was able to sell clothes, glasses, alcohol, and etc.. This golden MC belonged to a crew of friends that was led by a power hungry individual, and he wanted all the money he could get now. He didn'

3 levels of learning

Levels of learning/ There are three within our tribe/ Memory,mind,heart/ In the Gye-Nyame Tribe we focus on 3 levels of learning. The idea is that if we can explain the process of learning, at least the way we see it, this will make it easier for those involved to not only learn the information they need for our Tribe, but it will make life long learning a lot easier. These levels of learning were stumble upon by watching the growth of many organizations and individuals over 20 year period. The first level memorization is the building block for the next 2 levels. This is where we take in new information and become familiar enough with it to answer basic questions. The goal is to learn the information verbatim. We also use a scribing method to help with this part of the process. I have personally witness this simple method boost the confidence and information level of people in my Tribe, and in the many other organizations that proceeded it. After the information has been dig