Golden MC- Hip-Hop fable

Any similarities to any real life situations is purely a coincidence. This tale is simply an adaption of "the goose who laid the golden eggs."

Once upon a time when the Game was pure and the Love for the art and culture was still alive, there was an rapper who was called the "Golden MC", because all his ryhmes seemed to turn to gold. His fans flocked to stores to buy everything he put out, and his shows would always sell out.
When he wrote a song it seemed to touch his listeners hearts, sparked their imaginations and excited thier passions. When he put out an album it seemed that he shaped reality. He developed a cult like following to the point that everything he touched and wore people seemed to flock to copy which meant that he not only sold records, but he was able to sell clothes, glasses, alcohol, and etc..
This golden MC belonged to a crew of friends that was led by a power hungry individual, and he wanted all the money he could get now. He didn't believe in waiting so kept the golden MC in the studio and kept him writing.
One day the greedy leader came up with an idea. He figured that if he had the Golden MC slayed he get all of the credit and ownership of the image of the Golden MC.
So the Golden MC was slain and the greedy leader gained the money and the prestige for a time, but eventually the love that the people had for the Golden MC began to fade and so did the earnings of the greedy leader. The leader did not take into account that other MCs that were collegues or influenced by the Golden MC began to fill the space that was left by the Golden MC. Eventually the leader realized that because of his greed and impatience he had lost out, and eventually he and his company faded away.

Brother Ha2tim
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