Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Reflection

After reading this blog by +Seth Godin  I had to reflect on what Respect truly means. I love to look into words and get back to their roots. As  a matter of fact, I make it a habit. I believe that you can only grasp the true meaning of a word when you go back to where it comes from. i guess this is a lesson that I learned from the Book called  "Openings To The African Tree of Life by Erskine Peters" in it their is a proverb that states "in the original name is the essence". For me this has become a mantra that a say and put into action. By practicing the wisdom that lies in that proverb it has helped me make sense of words that I and others around me would just throw around. I began to realize that I was using words simply on feeling and not really understanding the true meaning.
That brings me back to the word Respect, which the blog (at least to me ) is talking about. The word Respect is composed of to smaller words:
 Re- which means again
Spect- which means to see
So when we put these to words together it simple tells us that respect is "seeing something again", or "to look at people and things deeper". In this culture we are taught to things fast and most of the time we skim over people, places, things and ideas without taking the time to look deeper. When we do this we rob ourselves of the lessons that they can provide, and even deeper we rob the thing that we should be observing the opportunity to teach us the lesson that it has for us.
When I reflect on my past experience working with young people, a big issue with them was that they felt that the world around them was not Respecting them. In other words we were glancing at them rather than really seeing them. It is natural for all of us to want to be seen, and appreciated for what we really are rather that what we are perceived to be because of what we wear, or how we talk. I believe that the world would be a better place if we really began to practice the true meaning of Respect. What would happen to the planet if we really began to see it for what it really was? what would happen if we began to see the youth for what they really were? What would happen in our work places if we began to truly see those who work with us, and lastly what would happen to ideas and opportunities if we began to see them for what they really were.
So I end My introduction of this blog by challenging the reader to truly see what the author of this piece you are about to read is saying....
Nuff said
peace and 1hunidyears
and without further a due here is the article's link:
Seth's Blog: Learning how to see:

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