Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ha2ku by ha2tim

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Preparing for camping trip, and realize that I have a lot of people around my circle on the fringes and doing nothing. I am tired of those who want kodos,but not willing to work. Come on people you have to want more than this world is offering. Let's just look at what we have to pick from:
Selling and smoking weed all day
Dead end jobs
Did I mention dead end jobs. I know that there is more in the world and I'm going to help get my Tribes portion. Let us reach for the stars and not crumbs from the masters table. Let us dare like the heroes from the days of old, to do something different. I know that it is scary, but the only way we or you are going to make an impact on the world is to do something new. So what if it does not work. You have feedback for your next venture. Trust me I have been strugglin for a long time and I know personally the pains of failure (feedback), stress, frustration, and the fear of being alone. I must admit it sounds terrible but the end results are worth it. Because I was willing to experience the sour of life the sweet has been more fufilling than I would have ever imagined.
So get up my friend find your life map and start your heroes journey. Stop hiding from life under the shadow of the status quo, stop hiding in the cave of mediocracity, and get free. If not for you then do it for something bigger than you like your God, ancestors, tribe, children, parents, and/or an organization. If you can't muster the energy just from yourself then use the thought of those things above to move you toward your goal.
We can not continue down this hill that is moving us straight toward destruction acting like we don't see it. All I can say is wake up and stop playin with life. Stop playin with your life and if you are a playa then learn the rules of the game so that u can win.
and to think this all started with a Ha2ku....
Its time to clean house/
I am building a nation/
No room for the fake/
Ha2ku for ha2tim- no more time for energy and space suckers. Be gone!
Brother Ha2tim
Self Mastery Coach
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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