Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ha2ku by ha2tim-meditation

I had the pleasure today to teach a short mediation session in a small group that I lead. We were able to take a good walk and found a piece of heaven in the middle of the city. I taught the young men about the concept of axe'(chi,ki,yao, and prana) and how the breath helps replenish this energy in each of us. I also spoke on the power of axe' when focused and gave some real life examples.
Young men were receptive and were able to do the breathing exercise for at least 10 minutes.
This event inspired me to think about how blessed I was in my youth to be interested in things like meditation to pursue it and learn it. Now I am blessed enough to pass on the practice to others around me. I guess this is one of the ways that I choose to spread peace one breathing lesson at a time.
Now I hope that this blog finds you in a good state of mind and maybe motivate you to sit still for 10 minutes and just breath. Take time to feel your breath and the effects that it has on your body. Take time to find those those pockets of stress in your body and mind and allow your axe' to loosen them up.
Axe' for those that don't know is the lifeforce that surronds us and is us. This universal energy has the ability to destroy or create. This is the energy that you partake of in your daily living and we share it with all things. It is like the thread that connects us all, and by learning to tap into it we can heal our live and align ourselves with the universe. By doing this we begin to live our lives on purpose rather than living from one accident to another.
Here is the Ha2ku that this experience motivated :
While meditating/
Body still and spirit forms/
Key to unlock soul
Ha2ku by ha2tim
Brother Ha2tim
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Urban Shaman

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