Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ha2ku by ha2tim

Bill collectors seem to want to much information. This makes no since to me. I paid my car note this morning and the collector asked me why was I late. I responded what. He said "your payment was due Friday, we want to know why you are late." Hahahahaha
Of course I kept my composure and stated I'm paying now, but he persisted. I then stated no reason. Considering I'm paying for a car that I haven't driven in 11 months, I'm $50 ahead on my payments, and really don't care if they come get the car they need to just except my little bit of money and keep it moving. He motivated my ha2ku(this is my personal style of haiku maintaining the rules as much as possible, but talking about anything that moves me in 17 sylables) for the day:
Bill collectors stop/
Ringing my phone askig for/
Money I don't have/
Ha2ku by ha2tim- if california can't pay its  bills I can't either...hahahaha
Be on the look out for my blog on the three keys to Nation building and the corner stone of Gye-Nyame Tribe.
One hundred years......
Brother Ha2tim
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