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Just preparing for my hamblacha. Getting my gifts ready for my give away and I have found some of the material from the "old days" when I was laying the ground work for "Gye-Nyame Tribe". While I was traveling I use to envision what I wanted to manifest. When I stumble on my old writings it amazes me how life falls in line and how powerful it is to journal. This is why I cahllenge everyone in the tribe to write down your thoughts, ideas, dreams, and etc.. These writings enable you to review what you have been through and you can start to pick up patterns. The more I review the more I am convinced I was born to build this tribe.
Here is a pledge I have adjusted it for today but listen to the ideas in 2003.
I swear from this day on (date), that I will live my life as one on the Warrior path.
I will fight my own demons, push past my limitations, rise above all obsticles and, take responsibilty and control my life.
I swear that I will live my life by the code of the Tribe, fufill all obligations as one on the Warrior path, and stand "amongst the congregation of the mighty".
I swear to willingly give my loyalty, my time and resources to help my tribal family.
I swear to hold this Tribe sacred and never betray its secrets, trust, and/or defile its symbols.
These things I swear before my Creator, my Higher Self, my Ancestors, the sacred symbols of the Tribe, my brothers and sisters.
If I betray this oath may all these turn against me.
Axe, Axe', Axe'
Honor, Loyalty, and Sacrifice
Honor is composed of obligation, Justice (Maat), and courage
When we look at Honor we see that it is composed of some powerful concepts.
To measure whether or not is actions are Honorable a Warrior must ask 3 questions:
1. What is my obligation to this action , person, or etc.. are you truly obligated. Have you made a promise. This is where it stops for most and people confuse obligations with with honor when this is not the fact. A warrior needs to ask him or herself the next question. This will keep you out of trouble and allow you to move with full focus and power and will bring the ancestors to your side.
2. Justice (Maat)- is your obligation just. Does it line up with Maat. Will this obligation cause you to violate Maat and throw you out of line with the Divine. Is the person, or thing you obligated to in line with justice.
The world and preditors love the fact that we don't pay attention to this part of Honor. This enables people, and things to hold you prisoner to an unjust obligations, and use guilt to get you to carry through when in fact you are harming yourself by throwing yourself out of line with Maat.
3. Courage- after you have asked the first 2 questions you can now move to action, but this requires you to be brave. When you start following Maat and serving justice you begin to stand against injustice and this can mean going against the status quo. This is an uncomfortable position and it will require courage.
LOYALTY- being faithful, being focused, the quality of being loyal.
SACRIFICE- being able to give of oneself for the greater good.
Brother Ha2tim
Self Mastery Coach
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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