Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Abracadabra-Ha2ku by ha2tim

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Magic words flow from your mouth/
Your problems vanish/

Magic words have come to us from ancient times. They were known for their ability to help us when they were applied properly. Man has always sought something that he could instill his hope into and depend on in times of trouble. Hence we have magic words, lucky charms, talisments, and etc.. These are supposedly tools of ancient people and serve no function in our modern society, but I wonder. What is magic? when I look at the word I see the word Magi, which means wise person (which is also the root word for terms like magistrate). A wise person in ancient time was viewed to be connected with some type of divine power, hence they would know the unknowable and henced be respected for their power to divine the future and manipulate forces that regular men and women could not. As time went by the the word "magic" was created to describe the art these wise (Wizards) person practiced.
Bringning the discussion back to today, these wise person were at that time practicing what was hidden knowledge. This knowledge is now availible for us to use in our everyday lives. Today you have thousnads of people that are not only using some of this knowledge but you also have some selling it. Listen with a little research you can find out thousand of methods that ancient people used to amaze those around them as well as improve their personal lives.
Now back to the verse for the day. I am not necessarily talking about the power of the word abracadabra alone; I am pointing to a fact that many of us still cling to these old ways and do not even know it. The issue is that most of us do it unconsciously and there by, we may limit its power. Some of us have lucky phrases, lucky charms, favorite socks, and etc..The ancients understood the power of belief. By having people believe in words and objects they invested them with energy (axe') and this energy can attract to people what they need. Now a days we call it the power of intention and attraction. Listen it is the same wine in a new bag. For those of you that doubt the power or the effect that these type of things can have on people look up the "placebo effect", and understand that the ancients were onto something, and those today that understand this power can develop tools that can be used in their life. An affirmation will do the same for you. The secret behind an affirmation is that you have to invest it with energy to get the effect. Same thing with a lucky object. the problem comes in when we start to believe that objects or words are the source of the power. The key is always to remember that you are the true source of power. These tools, and words are just training wheels that help you get to a point to where you can weild the power that Creator placed in you. So ABRACADBRA, problems be gone, sickness be gone, sorrow begone, and welcome peace, joy, prosperity,and happiness. Which were all yours from the start.

Brother Ha2tim
Self Mastery Coach
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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