Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Control- Ha2ku by ha2tim

Watching the river flowImage by thepluginguy via Flickr
Fighting for control/
brings chaos into your life/
be like water, Flow/

Many of our lives have turned into a battlefield because we are constantly fighting for control. we feel that the world is ours to control so we make ourselves sick trying to bend it and everything on it to our will. We feel that if we scream loud enough,and push long enough we will bend the will of the world. Western society has helped to ingrain this "forward ever backward never, and no surrender attitude". To prove our control we have our battle scars that are on the inside of us, making some of our lives a living hell with hyper tension, tumors, ulcers, weakened hearts, migrains and a host of other sicknesses that plagues many especially in America. Our reward for dominating everything and everyone around us is loneliness, and sickness. We have material trophies, but when it comes to deep insight about life and spiritual awarness we have none.

Why do we think that we can control the cosmos. When in the total scheme of things we are drifting on less than a piece of sand in a vast universal ocean. On the edge of a mid-sized (maybe) galaxy. When in fact the model for control has been given to us. "Be like water my friend" as Bruce Lee would often quote in his interviews. Water maintains control, by surrendering control and flowing. Water is able to move and adjust to its enviroment, and wear down its obsticles, by being consistent. Water the softest element can carve through rock, rust metal, or destroy a city. Water use its enviroment to propel it to its goal. Water is very clear about where it wants to be, gathered together at the lowest point. It will roll, fall, float, carve,flood, crash, rust, and what ever else is needed to get to its goal. Are you as clear on what you want in your existence as water is? If you are then begin to flow.

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