Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Defeat" Ha2ku by ha2tim

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If not for defeat/
We would not know victory/
So continue on/

Defeat is a word that many don't want to hear, nor a subject that people want to discuss. Today I want to take the time to celebrate that word and help others recognize what it does for them. Defeat, and failure both help us along our path in life by giving us the feed back we need to succed. We just need to re-learn how we deal with them. Where did you learn how to deal with defeat? Why is it so hard to look at these things in a new light?
In our personal development we have to begin to not worry about what others think. It is a shame that so many dreams, and good ideas have been assasinated by what "other people" think. I also believe the same goes for defeat we have become more concerned with what others think rather than using the time to learn from our defeat, loss, or failures. We run from these things not realizing that many times the only way to success is through them. Defeat, loss, failure are master teachers that help make you better at what ever you are doing. So don't hold your head down in sorrow but look around and find the lesson. Use that data to correct what happened and try it again.

Brother Ha2tim
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