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"The god of this day and time"- Ha2ku by ha2tim

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I have discovered/
The god of this day and time/
It's economy/

I need you take a short journey with me as we look into ancient times and compare some of our modern behaviors. It is important that everyont that is on the SelfMastery™ journey with Gye-Nyame under stand the power of belief, and begin to see the effects that belief have on our everyday existence. Belief is the foundation of many peoples lives and depending on the belief they can have a happy or sad existence. We are driven by our beliefs and form prejudgements based on belief, but we never focus or at least I feel we never focus on how this beliefs truly effect our lives. Maybe many of us Belive we are to advanced to be stuck where we are because of our belies as we wake up and go to worship service (hahaha had to slide that in).
I have been watching world events and began to notice that what applied in older times still applies today. Belief and system that direct the energy of belief reign supreme. I know you are looking at my Ha2ku and wondering why I started out talkin about belief but stay tuned and you will see. I was riding in my car listening to the news and for at least an hour straight I heard people talking about the state of the economy. Experts came on to talk about and everyone on the show speaking was an expert from some fancy sounding place. That's when the Ha2ku hit me. Mind you I am on the expressway counting out sylalbles to get the right words. Soon as I stopped I began to type in what had come to mind.
I look at a lot of ancient rituals and belief systems and it has occured to me that we are not that far removed from our ancestors. We have same game different players, just old wine in a new sack. What we are seeing today is just a remix of an old song that we still dance to.
In the ancient times we use to have temples where we had people that served the god or gods of the time. Each go or goddess had a temple. Which one you served depended on what you needed at the time. In these temples you had experts who could help you get in favor with the god or gods. These people were called priest and priestesses. They were managed by the high priest who had direct contact with the diety and in a sense could speak directly with the god or goddess he served. Then in this system you had diviners that could tell you by magical means what the gods and goddesses were also doing. To satisfy these deities an individual or family would have to make regular sacrifice to the temple to satisfy the deities and avoid the rath of said deity. Because of course nothing would satisfy the deity more than the prosperity of his temple and of course the temple wokers. Hell on good years the high priest and priestess could get bonuses. I hope by now this scenerio sounds familiar. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that if a temple got to big often times the kings would have step in to control the activities that went on. If a temple got to big to fail because of lean times the king or queen would support the temple because if the temple fell it would mean certain doom for the kingdom. All this was spurred by the peopls belief.
Now let's look at what is going on today . We have this big mystic thing called the economy that we all work to support. We have our high priest (chairmen of boards of banks, and federal reserve) we have our priest all the workers in these systems making sure everything flows right (we must make the gods happy) like stock brokers, analyst, loan managers and etc.. we have are diviners or profits (I mean prophets) that are able to read the mood of the god, except to day we call it the market. They let us know. At the bottom you have all of the believers that through their sacrifice keeps everything moving (401ks, stocks bonds, purchase) when we do things to dissatisfy this god we suffer and have to humble ourselves to the losses we suffer. The most powerful thing about all of this it is still driven by our belief, and we under estimate the power of belief in our life when it keeps the whole world as we know it moving. Let's redirect our beliefs into things that will empower us not abuse and enslave us.

Brother Ha2tim
Self Mastery Coach
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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