Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Joy" Ha2ku by ha2tim

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Joy belongs to you/
Unless you give it away/
It can't be taken/
Joy... just the sound of the word can bring a smile on peoples face. Joy is the ultimate goal of many, but to bad most people  look in the wrong place. We seek it in our relationships, we seek it in our jobs, we seek it in our churches, we seek it in the mosque, we seek it in the possessions we own, or even in the possession we pursue. But joy seems to allude us, or doesnt stay around to long. That new relationship doesnt spark you the way it use to, or that job is not as exciting as it was when you started. Joy has flown away, and we put on chase trying to find her and seduce her back into our lives.
This is the mistake.... We have been programed to seek this gift from the Creator outside of ourselves. When in fact, we were born with  Joy. Joy is a birthright and we have allowed it to be snatched out of us and dangled in our face. Maybe from all the programing that goes on "nowadays" we didnt know any better, but after this blog there will be no excuse. Joy lives in side of you and will never leave you. You just need to remember how to bring her out. Dont be scared; reach into your all knowing, all powerful spirit and breathe life back into her. Joy is a choice  everyday, in every event, and in every second we can decide to be joyful. Let other people look at you and "hate"; feel your joy and allow it to spread out of you like a virus effecting everyone around. Joy is contagious.
You know it strikes me as funny that some of us live like we are saving our joy for a special occassion, like it is in limited supply. Joy is limitless because it flows from Love. Starting with the Love for self. So take some time and Love yourself enough to be joyful. Dont wait you can be joyful now. You will be surprised what types of miracles will flow into your life with joy:
Health issues; i prescribe a gallon of joy.
Money issues; take 2 tablespoons of joy and call me in the morning.
Relationship issues; 3 pints of joy and a walk in nature
Job issues: 4 scoops of joy on your desk as you plot your escape
There is no ailment that Joy can not help you through, so take some time and get plugged in believe me it is worth it. The best part is no one can take it from you. I have found that joy also works as a repelent for negative people and events. Joy makes negative folks sick. So my last prescriptions is our secret. Make sure every morning you wear Joy as cologne or perfume, to protect you from the Negative folk and situations, it only takes a little.
Brother Ha2tim
Self Mastery Coach
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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