Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Lesson from a young Man"-Ha2ku by ha2tim

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Life is a Garden/
your seeds are ideas that grow/
nurture & protect/

I was blessed today to have a conversation with a young man, and he taught me a lot about life. This young man had started a garden and he had developed a succesful plot this summer. He took me out to see it and I could see the pride in his face. This was SelfMastery in action. This young man had never heard of the concept but in that instant of sharing his garden, his work, his passion he became my master teacher.
As we began our conversation I asked him what were the steps that he took to make his garden the success it was, and he proudly shared his secrets. He smiled, then he proudly told me step by step. After he completed his story, I challenged him to apply that same process, that beautiful system to life, and give anyone that wants to use it the keys to success. He thought about and rattled off the steps:

1. Lay out everything- he stated that in order to start his garden he had to till the land. he then equated the land to the mind. He stated that he had to clear the land (mind) of anything that would impede the growth of his garden and prepare it to recieve the Idea.

2. Plant the seed- he stated that after the hard preparation was done he needed to plant the seed. He stated that he believed that the seed was the idea for success, project, or a life change.

3. Then he stated that he had to protect the seed by nurturing it and guarding it from hurt, harm and danger. he said he had to watch for weeds ( negative thoughts flowing through his mind or sent by others or media), and lastly he had to provide water nutrience for the seed (reasearch, and new information that would help the seed grow).

4. Then he had to practice patience for the the plants (ideas) till they took root on in him.

5. Then he had to show excitement for his new plants when they came because he noticed that plants grow stronger and faster if they are appreciated.

6. he stated he needed to continue doing number 3 throughout the life cycle.

7. Then he stated that if life is like the earth by us doing those basic things then the idea would begin to grow, and we could HARVEST it and share it with the world.

after that conversation I was amazed. Out of the mouth of babes. Those of you blessed enough to read this have been been givin the keys of succes from the mouth of a young man. I hope you are humble and wise enough to use it.

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