Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Life is easy" Ha2ku by ha2tim

DragonflyImage via Wikipedia
Watching dragonfly/
Wings flutter without thinking/
Life is that easy/
Haku by ha2tim- blog is coming
Life is very easy once we start leaving some of the baggage that we have picked up on our journey through life. This thought came to me as I was watching a dragonfly play in a feild. This funny looking creature made flying look so easy, but when you think about the mechanics behind it's flying you are confronted by the complexities of this little insect. Let's slow down that is where the problem come in to the picture for us. We begin to look at life and we want to understand, and be able to break it down rather than being like the dragonfly and just getting out there and doing it. We have developed this long checklist of do's and don'ts, and have established all of these expectations of where we are supposed to be in life by what time or even what age. We have have developed these beliefs or picked them up, and the question I want to ask today are these beliefs do's and don'ts helping you? How is it working with your health, or the health of those who you attach your illusions of how things should be?
Im not saying that one should not plan, have expectations, but the thing that will make life so much easier for you is when you take the time to find out which of these ( expectations of life, plans, and etc.) our truly yours, and which have been put on you by others.It is time for you to wake up and begin shaping your life so that you can bring into existence what it is the world needs, and that is the best of you. The you that makes life look so easy that you float through your day like the Dragonfly that inspired this.

Brother Ha2tim
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