Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Live on purpose"-Ha2tim by ha2tim

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Some of us Live Life/
Accidentally, stop now!!/
Live Life on purpose!!!/

I was talking with a young man and this thought hit me again so i decided to write on it again. It seems that this lifestyle is tearing up communities all over the world. You know it when you see it. These are the people who are always waiting for something to happen. That sit around waiting for something to pop, like somebody with some weed, some money to borrow, some liquor, for a miraculos job to appear, for that magically lottery ticket to hit, for their music to get picked up,to launch their acting career, and I can go on and on. This shit has to STOP. When you waiting for something you are wasting one of the only commodities that you have, your time. When we live our lives by accident we give up our power as the creator of our lives ( let me say that again " WE GIVE UP OUR POWER AS CREATORS OF OUR LIVES), and then we end up being pawns in others game. Waiting for a raise, waiting for insurance, waiting, wating, and more waiting for newer and better accidents to occur.
Those that live there life on purpose have many of the same dreams and aspirations as those that are waiting, but these people refuse to wait. The become the creators of their life. They are focusing their energy on a goal that they have decided on. These individuals follow the wisdom of our ancestirs and understand "that the best life is achieved by engagement with systematic processes". Yes, these individuals have designed a system for their lives, and stick to it. They do the necessary footwork, and can avoid accidents and accidental minded people easily, because they have no time to sit and wait. They dont rush into actions with out thinking, but they are not waiting for the next blunt, drink, or loan to come to them. These "on purpose" living people make things happen, and produce a energy that attracts what they need into their lives.
You have a simple choice with your life you can choose to be someone who lives "on accident" or "on purpose". Choose carefully because your now is at stake.
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