Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Minor things campaign" Ha2ku by ha2tim

Injustice is like/
The rain, when it falls it hits/
Everything gets wet/
Ha2ku by ha2tim- inspired by Lauren Hill & a African proverb
Injustice is like/
Fire, when it is burning/
No ones house is safe/
Ha2ku by ha2tim- inspired by  African proverb.  "Minor things campaign"
I know that you are looking at these 2 ha2kus and saying ,hey these don't have anything to do with the title, but trust me they do. The minor things campaign is a idea that hit me on a hot saturday while watching people interact. I started noticing that people dont always acknowledge the simple fact of others humanity. I believe that their is  some negative programming going on. People are being programed to look past each others humanity, and focus on the business at hand. This got the wheels turning in my head and i had to wonder what are we overlooking and why. At first big gigantic issues began to pop up in my head. Then i remembered a statement that goes "deal with a mole hill before it becomes a mountain". At that point a drastic uncommon thought came to the front of my mind. Maybe the communities around the world our spinning out of control because we are focusing to much energy on major problems. The danger in trying to attack major problems is that you have to deal with the "hydra effect". The hydra was an ancient creature that was said to grow 2 heads for every one you chopped off.  When we deal with major issues we find out that something else will always go wrong. It grows into more problems to deal with and we never get anything done. Then i looked at the process of handling minor problems. When we deal with minor problems it is easier to crush them permanently and move on.
Let's look at the effect that minor things have on our lives. It is these minor things that remind us of our humanity. When we deal with minor things we are not left feeling overwhelmed because we can accomplish task and complete projects. We overlook these minor things because we have been tricked into believing they are not important. We have forgotten how to do some of the common acts that hold community together. These common acts are some of the minor things we can do to make life better for ourselves and others. When stopped greeting each other, checking on each other, treating strangers with kindness, looking out for all children, stopped being honest with each other, stopped honoring each other, stopped eating as families, got rid of community schools, allowed the prices of homes to sky rocket, stop teaching kids to respect elders,allowing public workers to live outside the area they serve,and i can go on and on. All of these are minor things that we let go and because we did they snowballed into major things. Now these major things are living in our communities killing us and our children. My solution is to once again begin to deal with minor things. When we begin to deal with the minor things we begin to cut the roots of the major things. Stopping the flow of foolishness that feeds "major things".
So every now and then i will send out ideas of  "minor things" we can do where we are. Nothing complicated just a random acts of kindness that we can do for someone else. All focused on "minor things". Remember when you focus on the "Minor things the Major things fall in line".
By the way you were right about the Ha2ku not fitting, but that is a "minor thang".hahahahaatim

Brother Ha2tim
Self Mastery Coach
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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