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'Moving toward 2020 vision on purpose'- ha2ku by ha2tim

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Moving toward future/
With 20/20 vision/
Feet planted in now/
Ha2ku by ha2tim

Moving toward the future on purpose. This is what we need to begin doing. It appears to me that we stumbled through the 80's,tripped through the 90's and accidentally made it through the first 10 years of the 21st century. Now we can begin focusing on where we want to be. I have learned from my many years of life that the only way to get somewhere is to focus on where you want to go. I no longer want to roll in a community, group, or an organization that does not know where it is going or even worst be part of a collective/community whose future is shaped by parties outside of itself. At this moment we have to take charge of our destiny and set a course for 2020. Not only talk about getting there but set it in our minds what it will look like for us when we reach it.

Fear has been a major factor in us floating in this ocean of confusion. Fear has been set loose in our communities, organizations, and even our homes. This fear prevents us from being able to even see our future and worse it prevents us from wanting to see it. So we hang back in fear, accepting what ever the world hands us. This is no longer acceptable for me, my family, my tribe, and the community I live in. "The future has always favored the bold" I once heard it said. Each day that I live I find this statement to be more true. Where has our boldness gone. Wherever it went I'm making it my mission to find it and bring it back where it belongs.

As a NationBuilder on the warrior path, and a member of the Gye- Nyame tribe I have learned that there are seven unbalanced passions that I must seek out in my life, and bring them back into balance. The first of course is fear, the rest of these passions envy, pride, greed , sloth, lust, and anger. These passions prevent us from being able to move toward the future because they cloud up our "now" with nonsense. They destroy a peoples ability to work together, they prevent individuals from being able to establish strong personal relationships, they prevent a student from being able to learn, and a teacher from being able to instruct. They destroy individuals, families, tribes, communities, cities, and nations. They cover those exposed to them to long in a ignorance that makes it hard to see. They strive to destoy consciouness and have there victims dangling in limbo either stuck in the past or fearing the future. But when we bring them in balance we open a way and our vison becomes uncloudy, and we can see life for what it is, an opportunity.

I am writing today about the opportunity that is before us if we are able to bring these things in balance. Only when we bring these passions under our control can we even begin to see 2020. We can begin to see it clearly and act with boldness to first design it and then using our spirit, mind, and body make it reality. Only when these passion our brought under our control can we take our families back, build our tribes, organize our communities, and force the changes we want to see. This takes personal work on our parts. Some real soul searching and question asking (personal), in the case of our tribe some question learning.

The difference between living on purpose and accidentally living was revealed to me as I was doing some coaching. I had asked client how they had planned to live there day, and found out that they had no plan. So doing some further inquiry I found that they not only did not have a plan for the day but they had no plan for the year. This for me was a perfect example of accidental living. No plan for anything just going with life and just accepting what life hands us. Think about this if the human race existed like this as a whole then we never would have survived. Success does not happen by accident, joy does not come by accident. These are things that come on purpose. People live on accident because those 7 unbalanced passions have got a hold to them. They are to fearful to plan, to envious to have good relationships (physically, mentally, and physically), to prideful toaccept help, to greedy to share, to slothful to move on opportunities, their lust has taking control and manifest as addictions that rule their life, and they are angry at the world and most importantly angry with themselves. This mind state is an accident waiting to happen or an accident in progress. This is a person or a community that is constantly accepting and reacting to what the world throws at them. More than likely an accidental life is lived up under the control of others, under a constant state of victimhood.
Someone or a community that lives on purpose is the goal. When we look at history and the many advances that humankind has made it is the result of a person or group that were living on purpose. Even if the invention was created in an accidental that person or group were doing something on purpose to even stumble across something new. These people that are living on purpose is what we are striving to awaken. We will need them soon to develop this vision of 2020 and beyond. The best way to gurantee a future is to create it is what a person living on purpose feels.

Are you a person living on purpose? Or a person who lives on accident? Ask your self and be honest either way hit me up with a comment on the blog. I want to know.......

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