Saturday, August 28, 2010

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Watching my new daughter attempt to figure out the basics is a wonderful experience. As I was watching her I began to realize that when we lose the sense of 'newness' of life. As we get older we begin to believe that we have arrived and cut ourselves off from the power that has helped humans advance to the point we are now. When we begin to believe that we have learned all their is to know we limit ourselves. Watching my baby reminds me of the wonder that is still out there.

We begin this life with such an interest in everything around us. Life is a big puzzle that we are trying to figure out. This puzzle is full of mystery and there in lies the power. when we lose the sense of amazement and trade it for the false comfort of thinking we know we cut ourselves off from the true power of life. This power flows from the mystery. By us embracing this mystery and walking with it in our life we unleash its power into our very existence. The universe is a big place, and just in this small world we live in, their is something that we can learn about everyday. Tapping into that wonder that wonder that we had as a child.

Why is mystery so powerful? Because it reminds us of the infinite power that lies in the universe and it also speaks to the unlimited potential that lies in us. We were formed in mystery, we grew in the womb of mystery, and boldly with the help of our mothers pushed our way into mysterious world. This mystery is what life flows out of and back into. Our very life force (axme) flows and works in mystery. When we act as if we know everything we cut ourselves off from this gift. When we lose the amazement, and wonder in life we cancel out our access to this power.

So get your wonder back. Find something amazing in your day. Embrace the mystery of life and truly live!!!
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