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"Rites" Ha2ku by ha2tim

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First seperation/
Next initiation,then/
Haku by ha2tim

This is the cycle of a warrior, where are you in your journey? As warrios we must be willing to face these cycles they are unavoidable in life. We are forced to deal with the conflict that is inherent in this life cycle. These conflicts provides us with opportunities we need to grow if we embrace them. Throughout the ancient world; tribes developed a system to help their warriors face these steps in a structured fashion. The warriors would be introduced to the myths and sysytems that held their society together. After the warriors went through this system they were willing to give their all to defend their society and what they learned.
Let's take brief look at each step of this process because we go through this process either on purpose or by accident:ASeperation- the warrior is first seperated from all they know and enter into what could be called "another world". This other world runs by unfamiliar rules to the new warrior. In order to survive the warrior must learn to use the rules to his/her advantage.
Initiation- the warrior begins his official training in this new world. The warrior begins to understand the rules and his true trials begin. In this part of the their training the warrior is transformed into the symbolic hero and repeats the trials of this cultural hero. In the process the hero has to symbolically dies. In fact the person that the initiate was at the beginning of the process dies, and the intiate is reborn as a new being. The inititiate becomes a newer version of the cultural hero and is now ready to return to the regular world with the gifts and knowledge that s/he has acquired through his training.
Re-introduction- the new being no longer an intiate returns to the community, tribe as a contributing member of the group. Their is a celebration and the new being is able to share parts of his tale with those in his tribe. The warrior is now accepted into society with all the rights and privilages of a full member.

This cycle has been removed from the prominent role that it once held in societies in the world and has been replaced with a system that does not totally address the issues that our ancient syatem did. Our system strives to eliminate the mystery of life while our and other peoples ancient rites strove to teach how to live witah the mystery of life. I guess what we have to evaluate is whether what we have now is working. We also have to take time to find out where we are as individuals and groups in this cycle because it works and is working in our lives right now. When we know where we are we can know what to expect.
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