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Your purpose is calling-Ha2ku by ha2tim

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Fall in love with life/
Your purpose is calling you/
To something better/
Ha2ku by ha2tim -"Minor things campaign"-what are you waiting for!

Life is wonderful when we are in love with living it. We have been blessed with an opportunity in this lifetime to effect all those around us. The issue that I run into most times doing SelfMastery™ coaching is that people have lost their way. They have lost the love of life because they are off their purpose. We live in a wonderful universe that works on purpose. So if you are in existence you can be sure that you were placed here for a reason. The challenge is to find that reason. We we loctae our reason our purpose because clear, and we can once again fall in love with this life.

How do we find our purpose? For many this can be a process involving trial and error. Many times we can make it easy for ourselves if we can locate those things that we can naturally do well. Things that bring out our passion. When we plug into these passions (yes you can ha ve more than one) we begin to line ourselves up with our purpose and then opportunities begin to open up for us to live and not simple survive. To begin your search you may need to take a break from your current surrondings, and go some place where can focus on feeling you, and not all of the responsibilities you have built up aroundyourself. This gets you away from those things that will distract you from your goal of finding your purpose?

Unfortunately the biggest enemy to us discovering our purpose can be the very world we created around ourselves. It seems that we are existing in a world that believes we are meant to "live to work", we were born to be slaves on a conveyor belt, and we are trapped and should not be able to progress. It almost seems that those that dare to pursue their purpose are looked down upon, as if it is wrong to pursue happiness. I am one that believes that we should enjoy life, and teach our young to enjoy it as well. So listen for your call. Stop running on your hamster wheel for a few moments of your life and find your way to the real road of life.

I am convinced that the world we exist in now is a figment of our collective imagination. We have morphed something beautiful (life) into slavery. I believe that we can break this illusion into a thousand pieces and rebuild a world where we can truly live. Who says that the way the world works is the only way? Who says that the status quo can't be changed? We need to look inside ourselves and create something new, and something that works. We are caught in old paradigms that only work for a few when we have the collective genius to change this right now. We just have to listen tour call, and build tribes, collectives, organizations, and institutions that have a goal of flipping this maddness. We need to re-educate ourselves and learn about the mysterious power that lies in us. When we begin to embrace this Mystery, we open ourselves up so that our ax'e can flow into the world and change what is into what we need it to be. We need to "release the magic, release the magician lieing in our souls, waiting for us to change our minds and through us it will chnge water to wine". We are trapped in a snare of our own making and we fuel it everyday wit our belief. We have cast a spell that holds us hostage, and we are scared to reverse it. So now our purpose sits calling and we can't answer because we are to busy playing catch up. Hounded by our past debts, beliefs and mistakes. We are ignoring our present moment and dreading the future that has been predicted for us by the statistics, government and end of the world prophecies. All of things are trying to rob you of the opportunity to focus on the most important thing; 'YOU'. So open your ears and listen for the song of your purpose, and when you hear begin to dance your life. Believe me when you begin to dance your life things will fall in line.

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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