Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 steps-Ha2ku by ha2tim..continued conversation from yesterday

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My thoughts are focused/
My model has blazed a trail/
And my vision lives/
Ha2ku by ha2tim
As I promised yesterday I would continue our discussion. Now lets briefly get into these steps for success that can be used;
1. control of thought: This is the first principle of Maat, but it is also major key in developing the life that we want. Our mind's are our most potent tool, and if we don't learn how to guide it we become slaves. When we allow our mind to produce random thoughts, we weaken ourselves. Our reality is built up on our thoughts. In Gye-Nyame Tribe we learn "that everyone is given a mind and it is all powerful, it (the mind) has the power to create or destroy". What are you creating in this moment, or our you destroying something? The mind and the thoughts it produce create the lives we live. If you want to change your life change your thoughts first.

Now I want you to think back to the quote that I mentioned yesterday by Napoleon. I want you to focus on those words and imagine how this first principle came out in a SelfMastery session. Also I want you to look at your own life and see for yourself where random thoughts may be ruining your life. Remember this is a Time for KNOWING.Those that take time to know the truth about themselves and the world will be rewarded. Be honest how has your unfocused thought pattern helped or hindered you.

Have ever wonder why this world and its Media is constantly trying to get you to think about it. They keep your mind going in so many different directions that you dont have time to think about what it is you want out of life. You have to send all of your mental energy in different directions, and you rarely get the time to take mental aim at the target of your dreams. Now you know that you have to learn to control your thoughts and the energy they create. If you dont your life will suffer for it, and maybe the lives of people around you. so learn to control those thoughts.

I will continue with step 2 soon.
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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