Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alchemy-Ha2ku by ha2tim

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Alchemist believed/
Humans can be perfected/
Using principles/

Like ancient alchemist I believe that humans beings can be perfected as well. i just understand that perfection is a path, that we walk rather than a destination. As a matter of fact I believe that we all are perfect we just don't recognize it. For me perfect does not mean with out flow. Perfection is full of flaws and as crazy as this sounds this fact is what make it perfect. i have a problem with the flawless vision that as been thrust upon us. If we all were flawless this world would be boring, as a matter of fact it is the flaws in life that force us to grow. Think about this if we all were perfect in the traditional view, then we all would be the same think the same and act the same, BORING. Life is perfect and the flaws is what moves this dynamic universe to constantly change.
Now to begin or continue your walk on the path of perfection, you must embrace principles. Now the challenge in adopting your principles is being able to study and adapt your principles as you grow and learn. You must be committed to grow your principles and care for them as if they are plants. Constantly watering and watching these principles grow in your life. It may take years, but like a tree they will grow in your life and provide shade against the glare of life, and provide fruit that will nurture you through your days. These Principles were the magic tools that alchemist used to perfect themselves. They symbolically changed themselves from a base metal into gold. Now you have the Knowledge to the same.
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