Friday, September 3, 2010

Attitude-Ha2ku by ha2tim

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If sad, remember/
Your attitude shapes your world/
So learn to feel good

Our attitude shapes how we deal with the world we live in. Many of us may be failing, struggling and/or suffering because we have an attitude that attracts these things directly to us. Attitude is like a magnet that pulls things into our reality. To change what is going on in our lives maybe as simple as changing our attitude toward it.

I ran into a story recently about two employees that had the same job. Employee one had the job for a while and he hated the job, but everyday he came to work. He put on a good show, but he could never satisfy his customers no matter how wide he made his fake smile. everyone around this employee heard his complaints and agreed with him when he stated that he had the worst job in the world. As a matter of fact the other employees would talk about how he had the worst job in the organization, and were glad that they did not have his job.
Now let's move to employee number 2. He came in everyday with a good attitude. he dealt with the job with joy. He geninunely enjoyed what he was doing. He recieved more tips than employee 1, he consistently got complaments from his customers, and everyone that was around him thought he had the best job in the organization, and he made them wish they could do what he did.

I know I dont need to mention that these two individuals had the same job again but i will. One was using his attitude to paint his job in a horrible light, and stripped all the color and fun from his job. while employee number 2 was able to feel his job with color and life and spread joy.
the question for today is which employee are you? In what parts of your life can you adjust your attitude to improve your life? I cant help but to wonder what health benefits one gets from being able to be joyful in all situations. I know some of the readers out there are saying "Bra" you cant be joyful all the time. Cool, but can you be joyfull for a majority of the time, hell can you find joy for 12, 6,or even hours a day. Can you develope an attitude that will fill others with a balanced out look on life rather than succumbing to the dinginess, and dreary reality that is being broadcasted into the world. Remember your attitude is one of the many things that is generated from within, and since it comes from within that means that we are supposed to control it, not others, the news, media, events, and etc.. As a matter of fact I think that attitude can be used as a barometer to gage the over all health of someone. so get control of your attitude and learn to enjoy your world, and when it gets real bad around you just remember that although things may be going bad for you in the moment, someone was able to generate Joy through there attitude in much worse situation than you are dealing with.

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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