Monday, September 6, 2010

Death and Life- Ha2ku by ha2tim

The cosmic dancerImage by balaji shankar via Flickr
Guess who is dying/
You are; second by second/
Stop wasting time, LIVE
Ha2ku by ha2tim-blog on the way
Every moment that passes we come closer to facing our ultimate destiny. We all will have to face death one day, but how will you choose to face it? Will you be exhausted from living your life and leaving a legacy, or will you leave this plane regretting all the things you didnt accomplish or attempt because you were over come with fear? Fear of this thing called death is the biggest hinderance to conquering our lives. We have no problem conquering other peoples lives and inanimate objects, but when comes to conquering the only thing that really belongs to us we fall short(OUR LIVES).I am talking about death in all ways not just the physical end. We avoid the fact that life and death do a constant dance and one needs the other to exist. Just imagine our world without death. Life itself stop. If there is no death how and what would we eat, food and clothe ourselves what would we live in,how would we keep our fires going, drive our cars, and maintain civilization as we know it? Death is necessary and we talk about it like we should be exempt from it on all levels. Death promotes life,and more importantly growth. Stop fearing something that is going to happen and begin to push yourself to live the best life you can. Get up and share your talent and allow yourself to die at the hands of critics and ressurect yourself and do it again. Try something that you always wanted to do, just practice all the safety standards and push yourself. Stop waiting for the right time, and understand that the right time is waiting for you to take the first step.
Don't let the hands of time rob you of your precious moments. embrace them and fully live. Refuse to be one of the heard being led around by your nose ring imprisioned and sentenced to help someone else fufill their dreams; unless you choose to live that way. We are all one decision away from being the greatest of all time. I challenge you to take your moment and live in it. Now just in case their are some fools reading my blog this does not mean go out and begin hurting people. With this kind of freedom comes a great responsibility. You must share the secret of life with everyone else although most of them will not hear you. So stop wasteing time, stop wasteing space and most importantly stop wasteing your life.

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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