Monday, September 27, 2010

Freedom erodes-Ha2ku by ha2tim

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Government wants to/
Read your email and become/
Your friend on face book/

The Government wants to be your friend and read your email. Slowly our freedoms are evaporating to nothing. In the name of safety we surrender our natural rights. The key method used to get us to obey is fear. We are told that terrorist are using the internet now and we need to allow the FBI, and CIA to look at what we type just so that they can make sure we are not helping the enemy.
I feel we will be helping the enemy if we allow the government to violate our freedoms. This enemy is worst than any terrorist, This enemy was written about by George Orwell and called "BIG BROTHER". We do not need our government employees wasting their time keeping track of what I or you are typing on Facebook, or twitter. We don't need them spying on us, and wasting our tax dollars. It is not any of their business how much money I am sending or receiving on an international level as long as it does not go beyond the limits that have been set by law. You would think that after all these years of war on terrorism that all of the geniuses in Washington would have come up with some better strategies to deal with these issue, but I guess that is just to much to ask.
We need to let our voices and keyboards be heard, and let those officials know that they will not use fear to take anymore of our freedoms. Fear is the enemy, and we cannot allow it to invade our hearts and minds.

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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