Knowing-Ha2ku by ha2tim (inspired by conversation with youth)

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The Age we are in/
Is not driven by belief/
But based on KNOWING/
Ha2ku by ha2tim

I was inspired to write this piece from a few conversation that I had with some young men in my life. As usual I sent out my daily quote, and in doing my SelfMastery work was forced to deal with some tough questions. For some reason people got stuck on the quote that I sent out on this day. It was a statement that Napoleon had made about fear. It seemed that the young men especially could not work this one out,but that gave me the opportunity to ask them and myself questions about the underlying meaning of the quote:
"He who fears being conquered is sure to face failure"

This lead into several enlightening conversations that I could not wait to get out and blog about. They also inspired me to write several Ha2ku's. Out of the conversation for basic steps came out for livng in "knowing" (I will discuss later). I started thinking about times that we are living in, and the term age came into my my mind. The age that we are leaving is Pisces which was based on belief, and we are now entering the age of Aquarius which is the age of knowing. This age will rewards those that know. Knowing will be the most potent force of this time. In the last age belief was rewarded because we needed to deal with the unseen and unknown forces. That belief was rewarded by us being given the means to see and have a basic understanding of these forces (science is now confirming spiritual wisdom). Now the power will begin to shift to those who strive to know and understand these forces of the universe rather than just believe in them. Belief is powerful, but there is one thing that most people dont really deal with when we discuss belief. In order for belief to exist there must be doubt, and in a information age a little doubt can be very dangerous. "The Doubt" that we use to be able to hide and fight back with prayer can now be manipulated and in some cases grown to a point (through the Media for example) where it destroys the belief we once had. In this age we need to KNOW, because knowing does not allow doubt in.

Later on this week we will discus the four lessons that was inspired by my conversation. So come back to Gye-Nyame Journey for the rest. See you soon..

Brother ha2tim
SelfMastery coach
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