Monday, September 20, 2010

Role models-Ha2ku by ha2tim

Marcus Garvey, National Hero of Jamaica, full-...Image via Wikipedia
Role models have gone/
Now it is my time to shine/
I will surpass them/

We are going to look at step two of the success process that came from the quote that was used last week from Napoleon, "He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat". After discussing this with my young men the next step came out of our discussion. That step was:
2. having a role model

When we find a role model, we give our self something to focus on. Not the person or thing, but going beyond them. You give yourself a target that is directly connected to your success. By setting yourself up a role model you have something to aim at and reach for. Many people set goals but have no models to follow and improve on, so they just are constantly reinventing the wheel, and making useless mistakes. This can be a good thing, but why go through the frustrations when others have blazed the trail. You can take the time and refine what your role models have completed and shorten your time of struggle.

This requires for us to humble ourselves and admit that we do not know as much as we think we know, and submit ourselves to others, and ask questions, and also ask for help. We have to study our role model's life, and take time to learn to model their success. Then we have to get past our fear, to use our refinements to surpass their work. We don't have to limit ourselves to what they have achieved, as a matter of fact the biggest compliment we can give them is to surpass what they did. I need to mention that if we want to do extraordinary things, then we have to pick extraordinary models to follow.

example of this can be taken from Napoleon's life. He wanted to be the next Alexander. he wanted to outshine Alexander, and made it his goal to spread his legend. i know this is a violent model, but it works no matter what skill we are trying to bring into our lives. Marcus Garvey looked up to Booker T Washington, Martin Luther King looked up to Ghandi and Jesus. When we explore history we find that people who have achieved great things have utilized this secret. So now you know find your role models, study them use what you learn,Modify, and out do them. We will complete step three soon.

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