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"Strengths and weaknesses of words"-Ha2ku by ha2tim

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Words paint the pictures/
Of our thoughts, so be careful/
You may paint your grave/
Ha2ku by ha2tim
What pictures are the words you use in your life painting. Is it a masterpiece or a tradegy. Our words transmit our thoughts and bring to life in the world. So if you are constantly speaking negatives then dont be surprised with your life.

Words are miniture vibration that flows from our mouths and create realities that we have to deal with. Even more important when we look into the ancient temples one of the first thing that initiates had to learn was to control their thoughts. Why? because our thoughts were the birth place of the words we speak. When we can control what we focus on we build a power within ourselves to speak into existence what we want. Now a days control of thought is the last thing that is desired we are encouraged to speak our minds, as we are surrounded by negative images, and our words are defined for us. We cant help but to speak into reality the madness that is running wild in this world.

We need to follow the lessons that were left by the ancients, and learn to be careful with what we think and speak into existence. We need to look at our minds as a womb and be careful of the seeds we allow into it. We need to plant the thoughts for the reality we want and allow our words to be harvested from that. We need not let the media and the enviroment shape our thoughts and our speech. Being Human is magical, and we have the power to create or destroy. We have examples of this fact throughout history.

Human beings have always been able to shape , mold and control our enviroments. Somewhere we picked up that we are the victims of our enviroments, and circumstances and are helpless to change them. If that is true then how did we get the first cities. how did we master farming and husbandry. Human beings have been endowed with an ability to adapt and overcome any situation we are put in. Those that are willing to brave the challenge of mastering first themselves, learning to control their thoughts, and words have always been rewarded.If you dont believe me do the research for yourself. you dont have to look outside of your family line either. sit at the feet of the elders and listen to some of their stories about your answers who dare to conquer the beast within.
We have been digging our graves to long with our tongues, and this something we need to stop.We need to teach ourselves and then our children to speak life, to speak creation, and not death and destruction.

Take a bold look at your life and see what your tongue has helped you create. You can blame the system, another group of people, you can blame your significant other, and etc.. My question is when will you take time to look at what you have manifested. Take your responsibility and begin to change your life. It starts with one step, one minor change and you can build from there.

Last point: if you want to speed up your process of changing you need to change what I label as your "NOUNS". People, places and things that you are around. Find people of like mind to begin to interact with. This will help speed up your process and you and this group will build power by feeding each other with balanced words, and help each other expose those thought processes that have been ingrained in you.Together you can help each stop digging graves and begin building houses to live a happy life in.

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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