Saturday, September 25, 2010

Your worth-Ha2ku by ha2tim

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What is your life worth?/
Stop selling your Self cheaply/
Dive into your dreams/
Ha2ku by ha2tim

What is your life worth? My friend let me suggest that it is worth more than you are being paid right now. I know because for years I have been on the "grind" working crazy hours for machines that don't care about the good work that I am doing, but more concerned with my productivity. This is not our fate unless we choose it to be. My experience has taught me that we get from this world what we expect. If we are expecting to be treated bad,and with injustice this is exactly what we will get. When we carry ourselves in away that states that we are needy, and are worthless then the world responds in kind. This is why i asked the question "what is your life worth?", because the answer to that question will help you see why you are where you are in your life. When we walk around feeling that we have no value the world responds to us in that way. After years of study I have realized that we have to learn to evalute ourselves, and then apply our own price tag. This week a proverb came to me that states "A slippery floor does not distinguish between a poor person and a king",After thinking on this proverb it is clear to me that the only difference between a king and and a common person is the way the have been taught to treat themselves, and how they view their value. a king may feel that his kingdom and even the world depends on him, and his decision. While a poor person may feel he has no impact on anything. These are are two totally different views, but they can teach us a lot. The king has to wake up, he has to eat, sleep, and etc., just like the common person, but the king's world view and personal view of himself sets him apart. he expects to be treated in a certain way, and he expects for fate to shine on him in all things. While a poor person may expect little from others and fate. I suggest that you my friend may need to look at the way you look at the world you exist in. Take time to look at your life, and build upon your value. look at what you offer and put a price on it. Realize that you don't have to put just a monetary value on it. The sky is the limit for you. When you change your view of yourself and the world, you and the world begin to change.
This change will help you find the courage to see and live those dreams that you have been hiding. We have been hiding our true talents and skills to collect a check. I am challenging you to use what you have been blessed with to move forward in your life. You will begin to notice that as you begin to treat your dreams as something sacred others will slowly begin to do the same. So increase your value in your mind and allow it to move into your life. You will see your stock in the world grow as you increase the value in your mind and actions. Remember that a fool and a wise person both can fall on a sheet of ice. We all are the same, but some just feel they are more valuable. i want you to begin to realize that you are valuable and begin to live what you were born to be.
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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