Thursday, October 14, 2010

Being extraordinary-Ha2ku by h

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Sometimes burn bridges/
Place your back against the wall/
And blaze your new trail/
Ha2ku by ha2tim
I have found that many people that I coach are waiting for greatness to come and knock on their door. I hate being the person to tell them that never happens. In order to live our dreams we have to be willing to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations that bring the best out of us. We have to be willing to do the unconventional, and blaze a trail that the rest of the world can look at in amazement. We have to be willing to step away from the herd and maybe put our lives at risk. We have to be brave enough to burn or bridges so that we can't retreat to safety. Even put our backs against the wall and look fear directly in the eye.
To be extraordinary we have to do what Tony Robbins describes as massive action. Many of us may want to walk the approved path and hope to attain greatness, but we will only end up with the same thing that everyone else is getting from walking that path a "middle of the road existence". In my studies everyone that has done great things, has had to learn to think and act differently from what society taught them. They had to go through a personal crucifixation, this was a time great of sacrifice and pain. They had to face the criticism, and small mindedness of everyone around them. This is part of the price and more importantly the test of greatness.  To be extraordinary we have to be willing to pay these fees. Believe me they will come when and from (who) you least expect it.
What seems to freeze most of the people that I coach is that they don't want to be uncomfortable or make others feel uncomfortable. How can you want to revolutionize your field, manifest your dreams, and create something new without shaking up the world. And yes you will may loose your comforts which are nothing but illusions designed to keep you where you are in life. People will definately be uncomfortable around you because your very success shakes the foundation of what they believe about you, and forces them to look at themselves. Beware of the status quo. This is a ghost that most people fear and will do everything to stay in its grip, and even worse will do almost anything to keep you under its spell as well.
So are you ready for greatness? Are you willing to burn "bridges to no where in your life. Are you willing to put your back against the wall and stare your fear directly in the eye? If so, I welcome you on your Gye-Nyame Journey...
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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