Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cycles of life-Ha2ku by ha2tim

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Green leaves full of life/
Turn brown and fall to the ground/
Recognize cycles/
Recognize the cycles of life. Nature has given us a model for success. We must learn to recognize the cycles of our lives, and either embrace them or change them. Nature provides the perfect model im many forms, but the one that caught my attention today was the cycles of the seasons. As I drove through the city i took notice of all of the leaves that had fallen to the Earth. This experience sparked this Ha2ku and the thoughts that follows.
It was once said that everything has its season, and I wonder how many of those reading this knows what season they are in right now. Do even recognize that you have seasons. Early humanity survived by knowing the cycles of nature and eventually began to prosper. By paying  attention they knew what needed to be done. They knew the best times to hunt, fish, and grow crops. They perfected the ability of being silent and watching nature's cycles. Everything from the location and phases of the moon, the sun and its location, and even other stars. Some of the wise wo/man of thes ancient times figured that they could improve their lives and the lives of those in the community if they began to apply the same watchfulness to themselves. From these observations we get the spiritual, and mechanical sciences. These ancient masters were able to develop systems that helped those around them understand natures cycles as well as their own. By further application they were able to move humanity from a realm of survival to being able to truly live. Unfortunately we have grown beyond paying attention of the cycles of nature and have formed unhealthy cycles of our own. That has plunged wo/mankind back into a state of survival while an elite few truly get to live.
Now with the internet we can make others aware that by learning the cycles of nature, and also learning our pesonal cycles, we can once again brake free. When we take time to learn and develop healthy cycles we take control of our lives. Understand that the knowledge and wisdom that i spoke of earlier was horded by a few and now we have the ability to plug back into our cycles and get aligned back with ourselves and nature.
Why is it important to develop personal cycles? It is important because in order to live a truly fufilling life we must develop the capacity to control ourselves, and developing systems (cycles) helps us bring order into our lives. Believe it or not if you have not been following your cycles (systems) you are following someone elses. The cycles that we follow because we invest our time and ax'e in them become powerful and eventually take over our lives. Whether we bow to an addiction or job we are empowering them to run our lives. Most of the time we become vested in these cycles because they give us some type of benefit or pleasure, usually it is so small that you have to stay attached to the cycle. Most of you reading this know what i am talking about.
Now the question of this blog is when will you begin to create your own cycles or plug into the cycle that you truly want? Dont let fear prevent you from doing this. If it will make you comfortable start small. Put a cycle in place and dedicate 5 minutes to it at first. Build on it a step at a time, set up this cycle (system) at the same time each day. As you build a rhythm you  can feel free to increase it. Remember small steps (read blog called "minor things campaign"). Build ont o your cycle and watch your personal power increase. You will begin to attract all types of people and things that you need to help you move toward your goal (dream).
Brother Ha2tim
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