Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dive into the depths- Ha2ku by ha2tim

Devetashka caveImage by Plamen Stoev via Flickr
Going to the depths/
looking for the mystery/
revealed in challenge/

In the midst of life we can feel as if we are sinking, and that is why I chose to talk about going to the depths. The depths can be a scary place, because it is full of mystery. Mystery as I have mentioned before in some of my earlier blogs is a place that we can recieve a lot of power, because we are forced to face our fears. The power of facing our fears forces us to push past our self imposed limits. When faced with fear in our depths whether it is the depths of depression, pain, lost, and etc allows us to recreate ourselves through the harshness that is thrust upon us if we take the challenge and stand up and push into them. To survive we must in a sense surrender to the mystery and allow ourselves to experience the rush of feelings that come at these times. These feelings, as uncomfortable as they are, forces us to make the changes and moves that we need to make a better life. All of the ancient warriors (Heroes) experienced the same thing, and if we are wise enough we can learn from their stories about how to appropriately deal with these challenges.

Everyday, at this point of my life I am thrust into the depths of a world that is beginning to make less and less sense to me. I feel as if I do not belong, and I am forced to take the bitter remedy that I am writting out for you. By jumping in and sinking to the depths, the mystery of life reveals something new and powerful for me. Whether it is wisdom from one of the young people I work with, a word of encouragment from comrade, a joke from a coworker, a Ha2ku (haiku) from my experience,a story to share, a helping hand from a friend, and I could go on. If I did not immerse myself in the depths of the Mystery of life I would miss the beauty that surrounds me. I probably would become depressed, and give up, but I know each day, in the mystery of the depths of life, a new adventure awaits me and you. Only if we are willing to embrace it, and stop lamenting about the past, or fearing the future. In our tribe the major thing that we attempt to help each member overcome is their fear. This monster has devoured many kingdoms in it's many forms, and it is attempting to eat up our lives as well. But when we face this fear we see that in it lies a treasure that is just for us. When we take the challenge to live: by diving into life, swimming to the depths, and entering the Mystery.
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