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Growing-Ha2ku by ha2tim

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Our life has phases/
Change comes and we learn lessons/
Growing with each turn/

Cycles are part of life, and cycles are broken into phases. When we recognize these phases we are prepared in advance for the challenges that come with them. By studying the phases we learn more about ourselves as well.

Life is full of cycles, some large and some small. Our lives move through cycles, for example our growth, the way we learn, the way we age, and etc. These cycles are broken up into phases that make the cycle more understandable for us. Let's take a look at one of the cycles that all of us deal with, but may not realize that it is a large cycle. Hopefully we will be able to see the symbolism and apply the wisdom in life. Let's look at the Seasons:

This is the beginning of our journey. We are full of energy, and young (age,and/or experience). We have definite promise, but we lack patience, and training so we are a danger to ourselves and the world. The seeds of greatness have been planted.

Our strength and in some cases our knowledge we feel has reached its peak (arrogance). We begin to learn about, what it is we need to know (small glimpses), or came to learn on this journey (become an Initiate, or apprentist), We still lack patience, and the wisdom needed to complete journey, but in some cases we embark on the journey prematurely putting ourselves at risk. This is where we need to make our first sacrifice (giving something of value to the universe, maybe even offering our life).

This is a point of maturity where the traveler is becoming a Master. S/he is able to complete journey, and truly benefit from new information that they recieve. The Final sacrifice is made, and if the s/hero survives.They are able to return to their regular life and share new knowledge they have gained with the world.

This is the phase of the journey that is most neglected. This phase in a large or small cycle is where the s/hero must rest, and prepare for the next journey. Believe me, another one is coming. They also are able to reflect, and share their adventures to help prepare others for the unavoidable journeys that they will take.

Understand that these cycles happen they may have different names, there may be more, or less steps, The definitions maybe more detailed, but never-the-less they are same. When we pay attention to cycles, and the phases of the cycles in our life we are able to prepare for what is to come. This gives you a prophetic ability in your own life. The one constant in this Universe is change, the question that we are faced with; what is it that we can learn on our journey through these cycles, and its phases understanding that they are nothing but the face of CHANGE.

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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