Thursday, October 7, 2010

Take it slow (One step at a time)- Ha2ku by ha2tim

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If it comes to fast/
It don't last, if it comes slow/
Then its good to go/

One step @ a time/
Is how a journey is done/
Don't rush enjoy steps/
I combined two of my Ha2kus so that I can stress the importance of taking your time, and moving slow through life. We have been conditioned in this world to expect things to happen instantly, but I have discovered that many of the good things in life come to us slow. It amazes me to see all the get rich quick schemes, and miracle cure for anything that you can think about on the internet. when the very best and lasting things that are in our lives have come to us over time. Think about some of your most vaulable things in your life whether they are material, emotional, spiritual, and etc.. When you take time to really think about it many of this possessions, if not all of them were a result of work and time.

When you are pursuing your wealth, your dreams, those fufilling relationships, that happiness, or what ever it is you seek build it one step at a time. As you build you will learn about what it is you are building, and more importantly you will learn about yourself. Many times people run out to get something in a hurry, and find out that what they picked up was not really what they wanted, or even needed in their life. How many times have you heard the stories about those who sought and acquired wealth and found that what they really wanted was just to be happy. I know that many people that may be reading this may feel that wealth brings happiness, but that is not always true. With wealth comes the responsibility of maintaining that wealth and protecting it.

As you move through life the major goal should be to learn about you. Pursuing who you are can bring the challenges that will lead you to what it is you want and need. Better yet attract it into your life. as we take our time we can "smell the metaphoric roses" of life, and gain what it is we truly want and need in our existence, rather than get those hard lessons that are wrapped up in pretty packages. We get that "true education" that only time and life can provide. Now I want to make myself clear, I am not saying "sit on your ass" and dream and meditate things into your life. those practices definately have there place, but you still need to do the work that is necessary. I am just suggesting you take your time on your chosen path so that you don't miss the life that is yours. So remember my Ha2ku, this is mantra that use to help me continue on this journey:

If it comes to fast/
It don't last, if it comes slow/
Then its good to go/

Last point beware of those that offer you anything that promises to much to fast. Whether it is money, knowledge, enlightenment,or etc.. More than likely it is a con. Nature demonstrate that anything of value takes time including your life. So allow it to grow and be like a Bonzai tree master and prune and guide your growth and before you know it your life will be a beautiful monuments for you and all your relations. ONE STEP AT A TIME!!!!!

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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